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Cleaning Roster

Day Time Date Area
Saturday 8am 29/03/2014 Northgate Street and Burkes Lane
Tuesday 7pm 01/04/2014 Station to Glynns Corner and Church Car Park
Thursday 7pm 03/04/2014 Railway Crossing to Railway Embankment
Saturday 8am 05/04/2014 Glynns Corner to Credit Union and Foxes Lane
Tuesday 7pm 08/04/2014 Square - Cross Street to Fire Station
Thursday 7pm 10/04/2014 Abbey Row Area
Saturday 8am 12/04/2014 AIB to Forge/Boys School
Tuesday 7pm 15/04/2014 Credit Union to Kenny Park/Swangate
Thursday 7pm 17/04/2014 Prospect and Mart
Saturday 8am 19/04/2014 Forge/Boys School to Roundabout
Tuesday 7pm 22/04/2014 Roundabout to Graveyard
Thursday 7pm 24/04/2014 Arch Car Park to Tuam Road Bridge
Saturday 8am 26/04/2014 Tuam Road Bridge to Cullairbaun
Tuesday 7pm 29/04/2014 Cullairbaun-Park-Tuam Road
Thursday 7pm 01/05/2014 NewLine
Saturday 8am 03/05/2014 NewLine Bridge to Monivea Road
Tuesday 7pm 05/05/2014 Caheroyan Road to Caheroyan Park
Thursday 7pm 08/05/2014 Caheroyan Park-Bridge-Ballydavid
Saturday 8am 10/05/2014 Railway Crossing to Raheen
Tuesday 7pm 13/05/2014 Railway Crossing to Ballygurrane/Raheen Woods Hotel
Thursday7pm 15/05/2014 Prospect to Newford/Derrydonnell Road.
Saturday 8am 17/05/2014 Arch-Court Lane-Bridge Street


The Vincent Wildlife Trust's first pine marten day is taking place on Thursday May 1st, in the Ardilaun Hotel, Taylor's Hill Galway.

The final running order is almost finalised, but so far the arrangements are as follows: Registration from 8.30 that morning, tea and coffee will be available on arrival.
Introduction and Welcome 9.15
First Speaker at 9.20.
There will be twelve presentations in total, each will last 15 mins, with a further 5 mins for questions.

There will be mid-morning and afternoon tea/coffee breaks, and also a lunch break (soup, sandwiches, tea/coffee). The day will finish with a discussion period to allow more input from both speakers and delegates. The day should conclude at approx 5.30pm.

Below is a list of the speakers and the titles of their talks, more information can be found on the Vincent WildlifeTrust's Irish website: www.mammals-in-ireland.ie

The hotel is located 1km from the city, please visit the hotel website if you need to view a map showing its location and to obtain GPS information. www.theardilaunhotel.ie There is ample free parking. The hotel's telephone number is 091 521433.

David Bavin: The Vincent Wildlife Trust: Preparing the ground for pine marten re-establishment in Wales.
Lizzie Croose: Pine marten recovery in Scotland: results of a scat-based expansion zone survey.
Huw Denman: Managing forests to benefit pine martens.
David Lyons: Pine martens and humans: experiences of National Parks and Wildlife Staff in County Clare.
Ferdia Marnell: The conservation status of the pine marten in Ireland: a species of least concern.
Ewan McHenry: Pine martens on paths: factors influencing the detectability of pine martens during scat surveys.
Derek McLoughlin: Observations of two released rehabilitated pine martens from Letterkeen Wood, Co. Mayo, with reference to habitat use.
Declan O'Mahony: Pine marten in Ireland - a 21st century resurgence?
David Scallan: Gun clubs and pine martens: perceptions, conflicts and solutions.
Emma Sheehy: The role of the pine marten in Irish squirrel population dynamics.
David Tosh: A new survey: detecting the pine marten in Northern Ireland using extensive camera trapping in a stratified sample of woodlands.
Peter Turner: The pine martens of Portlaw Woods, population patterns in a small pine marten population during an eight year genetic census.

As well as these presentations, a new leaflet, a joint publication by the Trust and the NPWS, will be launched. This will provide practical information about pine martens for householders.


Burren Bursts into Bloom

Burren in Bloom festival programme now available online!

The annual arrival of the Burren’s world famous wildflowers is unrivalled in the rest of the country - the Burrenbeo Trust’s Burren in Bloom festival is a celebration of this, opening the magic of this landscape to all.

Running throughout the month of May in venues around the Burren, Burren in Bloomwill feature nearly 40 events including walks, talks and cultural events, with a choice for all age groups.

With walks during the month on topics ranging from butterflies to bats and farming to flora there is plenty to attract the outdoor enthusiasts. The talks schedule is equally varied and includes talks on botanical art, renowned botanist Dr Patrick B O’Kelly, climate change, wild gardens, prehistoric archaeology and the Burren’s first people.

There are also exhibitions, a photography workshop, book launches, a family book picnic event and the Burren Ecotourism Network food and adventure trail events.

The festival runs from the 1st of May to the 1st of June. To download the festival brochure visit www.burreninbloom.com and for more information contact info@burreninbloom.com or 091 638096.


Anti Litter Campaign

We would recommend
that everyone brings their cameras on all walks around the town this year  and to take photographs of mammals, birds, bees, butterflies, other insects and wildflowers. These can be submitted to ourselves at athenrytt@gmail.com, where they will be displayed on the site. Www.biology.ie. and www.wildflowersofireland.net are hoping to build a national database of wildflowers in Ireland and their locations, and pictures and locations can be easily uploaded to the www.biology.ie site and identifications are available on either site. We will have the
majority of the local wildflowers up on our site soon, so keep checking back.


Tg4 Tree Planting Coverage

Please check back regularly as this site will be updated every week.