About the Athena Project

This course prepares CCA students to become leaders in arts education. However, the pedagogical approach and mentoring principles can be useful in many fields. Students acquire concepts, skills and historical information necessary for becoming successful community artists,  mentors, or counselors or social activists. Most importantly, CCA students have the opportunity to mentor youth through the arts. The class hosts guest speakers and participates in various field trips to become familiar community partner sites.

YouTube Video

Video by Ashley Saks

This video aims to show the quality of the collaborative mentorship component. The class involved was divided into five groups. Each group came up with its projects according to the artistic abilities of the mentors and the interests of the youth. 

The Oakland Museum Learning Center exhibited a selection of the students' projects work at the end of the semester. Lanterns from recycled bottles, life-size paper doll dresses, a drama with costumes, books with wings, architecture & birds from around the world, tie dyed banners, seed bombs and ceramic pots are some of the projects highlighted in the video. 

by Virginia Jardim
Edited by Sonia BasSheva Mañjon, PhD
Published by CCA Center for Art and Public Life

by Virginia Jardim
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