My beginning as a legally recognized individual occurred on Feb 18,  in Darbhanga, India, at my home at 2.00am (midnight/morning).Of course I can’t consciously remember anything from the first two or three years of my life after birth.(And, also, one suspects, psychologically, that the earliest memories have become “memories of memories” and are comparable to traditional folk tales passed on by tellers and listeners from generation to generation.) But facts are available when direct memory fails for many circumstances.

My father for whom I was named is a Retired Asst. Director in Bihar Scientific Service and mom is the Principal of Teachers Training College. We r 2 brother and 3 sisters .I am the youngest one.

During my childhood I was the naughtiest boy in my entire family .My horrible activities in the childhood forced my parents to send me to the Boarding school at the age of 7 years only(first in "Insaan School Kishanganj" and later in "Red Carpet High School Patna").Just to convince my senior friends (about my stupidity ),I ran away from my hostel at the age of 9 yrs only. During the next couple of years I was fortunate enough to get a chance to learn at so many different kinds of school (more than 9 in number).

The turning point in my life came when I was forced to return back to the same hostel after 4 yrs where I forced myself too hard to change my bad image in front of teachers to a good boy. As a result learning new things became a fun for me and I got interested in so many intellectual things, which is still a part of my hobbies now.

The different circumstances in my childhood have a great impact on me for which I feel I am the luckiest person on earth.

I prepared for IIT-JEE for next two years after completing my higher education but failed to crack it. But as it is said "Knowledge never goes in vain!" learning so many typical concepts for IIT-JEE helped me to become the second topper of my batch in Engineering Exams [in first year].

Though my career graph during the further years in Engineering was not so impressive due to over-confidence, I was always considered among the good students of my class. When it comes to Technical Concepts my friends used to call me "Chacha Chaudhri (later replaced by "Chacha" only, a comic genius)".

Right from my childhood I never bothered about scoring marks in exams. Rather I devoted myself in learning new things if it interests me (doesn't matter it is(was) a part of syllabus or not).I remember the shocking faces of my few friends when they saw me reading the books on Marketing Management (by Philip Kotler) before my Mathematics exams.

I have never been to any Religious Institute neither I get a chance to learn my parents' religion at home.It would be very difficult to explain about the Religious sentiments/faith that I have in me.

The only thing which I learned so far is "BEING HUMAN should be the outcome of every religion. And I believe it is!

by ......

 Athar Raza Faridi 

The secret of walking on water ,Is knowing where the stones are!

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