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  • Alkenone data from eastern equatorial Pacific cores V19-27, V19-28, V19-30, V21-30 and RC11-238. [Data]. CITATION:  Koutavas, A., and J. P. Sachs (2008), Northern timing of deglaciation in the eastern equatorial Pacific from alkenone paleothermometry, Paleoceanography, 23, PA4205, doi:10.1029/2008PA001593.  [PDF]
  • G. ruber d18O and Mg/Ca data from cores V21-30 and V19-28; Individual G. ruber d18O and d13C from the late and middle Holocene. [Data]. CITATION:  Koutavas, A., P. B. deMenocal, G. C. Olive, and J. Lynch-Stieglitz (2006), Mid-Holocene El Niño-Southern Oscillation (ENSO) attenuation revealed by individual foraminifera in eastern tropical Pacific sediments, Geology, 34, 993-996. [PDF]
  • Eastern equatorial Pacific G. ruber and G. sacculifer d18O and d13C data from cores RC8-102, RC11-238, RC13-140, V19-27, V19-28, V21-29, V21-30 and V21-40. Time interval: 0-30 ka. [Data]. CITATION: Koutavas A., and J. Lynch-Stieglitz (2003), Glacial-interglacial dynamics of the eastern equatorial Pacific cold tongue-Intertropical Convergence Zone system reconstructed from oxygen isotope records, Paleoceanography, 18, No. 4, 1089, 10.1029/2003PA000894. [PDF]
  • G. sacculifer Mg/Ca data from core V21-30, eastern equatorial Pacific, 0-30 ka. [Data]. CITATION: Koutavas A., J. Lynch-Stieglitz, T. M. Marchitto, and J. P. Sachs (2002), El Niño-like Pattern in Ice Age Tropical Pacific Sea Surface Temperature. Science, 297, 226-230. [PDF]

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