Dr. Athina A. Alexopoulou-Agoranou is Professor at the Dpt of Conservation of Antiquities and Works of Art, TEI of Athens, Chairman of the Research Laboratory "Advanced Research Technologies for Investigation and Conservation - ARTICON" TEI of Athens and Head of the Non Destructive Testing  and Instrumental Chemical Analysis Laboratory at the Dpt of Conservation of Antiquities and Works of Art, TEI of Athens,  Greece
    Her scientific work and research activities cover the field of non destructive testing and  microanalysis of artworks and antiquities using multispectral imaging and physical chemical methods of analysis.These methods are designed to study the preservation state, the materials and the manufacturing technology and contribute to the investigation of the authenticity and the dating of the art objects.
    Useful experience and expertise has been gained on old inks and painting on paper support as well as on paint layers and  inorganic materials used in easel paintings, icons, wall paintings, manuscripts and ceramic’s decoration.
    The organization, management, exploitation and evaluation of physical chemical and multispectral imaging data using appropriate software is also of her interests.


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