Promoting responsible land use and protection
of natural values for future generations.

The Central Athabasca Stewardship Society was formed in 2010 in response to heavy pressure for exploitation of non renewable natural resources in the central and upper Athabasca Basin.  Direct and cumulative impacts from these activities degrade the watershed, destroy fish and wildlife habitat, and permanently remove farm land from production.  CASS works with groups from across Alberta and beyond, to promote more responsible and sustainable land use.  Membership in CASS is open to all who share our goals.

Upper Athabasca Community Based Monitoring

In addition to various activities to raise awareness in the local Fort Assiniboine and surrounding areas, the major work of CASS in recent years has been in management of the Upper Athabasca Community Based Monitoring project.  This project involves community outreach; integration of Traditional Ecological Knowledge; training of volunteers in Canadian Aquatic Biomonitoring Network protocols; sampling of water, sediment and benthic invertebrates in the Upper Athabasca Basin; certified analysis of samples; and broad sharing of data.
Please visit our valued partner, Alberta Tomorrow, a FREE, online land use simulator designed to help Albertans investigate how our landscape has been changed by human activities in the past, and how it might change in the future.  Can we continue to grow our population and consumption without damaging the environment that sustains us?