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    Goggle sites

    posted Dec 11, 2009, 11:12 AM by atelier KASBA

    1. How do I create/use custom page templates?
    2. How do I remove myself from the access list for a Google Sites website?
    3. How do I copy a Google Sites website?
    4. How do I use the Google Sites Table of Contents Gadget?
    5. How do I integrate Google Checkout with Google Sites?
    6. How do I recover a deleted page?
    7. How do I add a custom Favicon to my Google Sites website?
    8. How do I re-gain Ownership of my Google Sites website?
    9. How do I add / remove the Recent Site Activity gadget from my sidebar?
    10. 10 How do I re-use a previously deleted URL (site name)?
    11. 11 How do I use the Navigation gadget to create an expandable menu structure in my sidebar?
    12. 12 Can I post affiliate links on my Google Sites website? 
    13. 13 How do I provide Recent Site Activity updates via RSS?
    14. 14 How do I add a custom search engine (CSE) to Google Sites?
    15. 15 How do I regain site ownership?
    16. 16 How do I configure AdSense to work with Google Sites?
    17. 17 How do I generate an RSS feed from my Google Site?
    18. 18 What is the best way to manage images and other file attachments with Google Sites?
    19. 19 How can I map my custom domain (www.example.com) to my Google Site?
    20. 20 What do the terms CNAME, alias and mapping mean?
    21. 21 How do I build a custom gadget?
    22. 22 How do I include Flash or other forbidden code in my Google Site?
    23. 23 How do I include an IFRAME in my Google Site?
    24. 24 How do I make my Google Site public? I don't want visitors to have to sign in (login). 
    25. 25 How do I wrap text around a table in Google Sites?
    26. 26 How do I move a page using Google Sites?
    27. 27 How do I change the landing (default / home) page for my Site?
    28. 28 How do I reuse the name of a deleted page in Google Sites?
    29. 29 How do I include a PayPal Donate button on my site?
    30. 30 How do I use CSS to customize and format my Google Site?

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    posted Dec 11, 2009, 11:08 AM by atelier KASBA

    Goggle wave

    posted Dec 1, 2009, 8:57 AM by atelier KASBA

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