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OUR MISSION is to provide a place where America's veterans - and active military personnel - can interact with each other, be at ease, and build greater self-confidence while developing a partnership with horses using Harmony Horsemanship's 100% natural methods.

AT EASE offers America's Veterans - and active military personnel - an opportunity to experience the freedom that comes from connecting with horses.

AT EASE has 501c3 status and is also recognized as a Wisconsin Non-profit Organization. FREEDOM STABLES, the home of AT EASE, is located in Deerfield, WI.

FREEDOM STABLES is owned by Ted Schlueter, a disabled Viet Nam veteran.

The President of the AT EASE Board of Directors is Paulette Stelpflug. She is also the lead instructor for the program.

taking part in the AT EASE program will learn techniques and skills to form a better and safer lifelong partnership with their equine friends. "Hindquarter control" is the foundation of our "Harmony Horsemanship" program, as it provides effective communication with the horse through both its body and mind. No whips, chains or tie-downs are used at FREEDOM STABLES.

"Harmony Horsemanship" teaches people to ride with the horse, not just on it. A 5-acre "Play Land" (confidence course) and EQUISOCCERTM are part of the "Harmony Horsemanship" program. In addition, "Harmony Reinsmanship" (cart driving) is a possibility for those individuals who want to work with horses but are physically unable to ride or simply do not wish to do so.

3989 Oak Park Road
Deerfield, WI 53531

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TOP PHOTO: Teddy, a Viet Nam veteran and owner of Freedom Stables (home of AT EASE)
connects with an Iraq war veteran during an event held at the Bishop O'Connor Center in Madison.
BOTTOM PHOTO: Paulette, Patti & Stacy pose in front of the AT EASE booth.

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2013 Presidential Inaugural Parade!

                                                                                    AP photo

Representatives from AT EASE took part in the INAUGURAL PARADE in Washington, DC on January 21, 2013! Three of our very special horses and riders (along with banner carriers) are shown above on Pennsylvania Avenue honoring our military veterans - past, present and future - and our Nation's Commander-in-Chief, President Barack Obama, as well as Vice President Joe Biden on Inauguration Day!

A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who supported our trip with donations, prayers, kind words and physical help.


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"Freedom is nothing else but a
chance to be better." ~ Albert Camus

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American Society for Suicide Prevention Site
American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

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2015 Firemen's Festival Parade in Cottage Grove, WI

Our NEW ARENA in the winter of 2014-15!

Bait your horse event
2014 Family Festival at Freedom Stables!

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trophy 1st place horse category

AT EASE/1-105th Bravo Troop
2014 Watertown July 4 Parade

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Ted and others with NAMI award
Teddy Schlueter was honored by NAMI Dane County in 2014,
and presented with the Jim Hinsberger Memorial Award for Excellence.
Left to right are Stacy Lindbo, Beth Barry (NAMI Dane County board member),
Patti Huber, BonnieJean Zitzke, & Paulette Stelpflug.

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A story about Ted featured on the front page of
the Deerfield lndependent was picked up by NationSwell.
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