Event Photos

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December 11, 2011
Local Author Event at the Westford Museum
Westford, MA

Format: Book signing

Note: It was wonderful to interact with so many local authors, each with a different style and perspective. I had the chance to talk with novelists, memoirists,
non-fiction writers, photographers/artists, historians and a writer of how-to books.

December 7, 2011

H3O Women's Ministry Christmas Tea
Nashua, NH 

Format: Presentation about the writing of "A Tea Reader" with a question & answer session, reading, and book signing

Reading: Jodi-Anne Williams Rogers' "Afternoon Tea under the African Sun"

Note: I was honored to be part of this charity event and to share the stage with Danielle Beaudette, owner of The Cozy Tea Cart of Brookline, NH (pictured above).
The event was very well attended and great questions were asked. It was a wonderful coincidence that Danielle chose to feature one of her
rooibos blends and I had chosen to read Jodi-Anne Williams-Rogers piece about South Africa, where the origin of rooibos is discussed.

November 19, 2011

Book Signing at Harney Soho
New York, NY 


Format: Book signing at the Harney Soho tea bar

Note: This was a really fun day. I was so impressed with what the Harney family has done with this shop - fresh and vibrant with great energy. The front retail space was full of great teas and teaware (although I would like to see the books take a much more prominent place!) and a cafe in the back that served not only the expected (tea, scones, and...swoon...Laudrees macarons), but creative offerings like ice cream floats made with tea ice cream and tea soda. I enjoyed spending time with General Manager Emeric Harney (grandson of Harney & Sons founder John Harney - pictured above) and his great staff and meeting their customers. I was delighted to have artist Dana Zemack stop by (pictured above with me) and was sorry to just miss Jo Johnson of A Gift of Tea.

November 9, 2011

Reading and Book Signing at Dobra Tea House
Portland, ME 

November 6, 2011

Reading and Book Signing at the Clipper Merchant Tea House
Limerick, ME 


Format: Reading and book signing

Reading: Babette Donaldson's "Seduced by the Leaf"

Note: The Clipper Merchant Tea House is one of my all-time favorite tea houses. The Labbe Family (Heather, Gary, and Lisette) are consummate hosts and prepare
the most delicious food and tea. I first read in the main dining room (the room above with the long table) and then in the "Scottish Thistle Room." I had a great time
signing books and talking to guests. I met some wonderful people and was delighted to have two of my best friends drive up to surprise me. Fantastic.

November 5, 2011
Author Appearance at The Cozy Tea Cart winter Open House
Brookline, NH  

Format: Book signing at The Cozy Tea Cart's Open House/Holiday sale

Note: I was pleased to be part of Danielle Beaudette's great event. She assembled a nice group of vendors and served a Thanksgiving dinner sampler of food provided by an array of venders. She paired the food with some of her lovely teas. The Cozy Tea Cart is a great tea supplier if you're looking to try someplace new.

October 23, 2011
Concord Bookshop - Official book launch
Concord, MA

Format: Brief talk about writing the book, reading, and question and answer. (Introduced by Dana from Concord Bookshop.)

Reading: Frank Hadley Murphy's essay, "The Spirit of Tea"

Note: I had an amazing time at this event. It was nice to be close to home at one of my favorite independent bookstores. My good friend Hartley Johnson from Mark T. Wendell of Acton, MA made tea for everyone -- Boston Harbor tea and a cranberry black tea. We had cupcakes and shortbread cookies from Concord Teac akes and scones from Nashoba Brook Bakery. Both of our illustrators, Stephanie Sewhuk-Thomas and Katie Sloss attended as well as essayist Kate Finnegan. My parents were able to come down and my husband's family was very well represented. (His parents, brother, sister, our niece, two of his aunts, his cousin, and his  grandmother all came!) We packed the house with about 45 attendees and we sold every single book they had, including the on es in the window display. The question-and-answer section was my favorite by far with such thoughtful and well-informed questions. Thanks everyone! (And don't worry - Concord immediately placed another order for books and signed copies should be back on the shelves this week!)

October 16, 2011
Old Town Museum afternoon tea benefit
Old Town, ME

Format: Brief talk about writing the book and a reading

Reading: Dorothy Ziemann's essay

Note: This was a really special event for me, not only because it was the first, but also because it was in my old hometown, among many friends and family members. It was a little like "This Is Your Life" with all the former teachers, members of my old church, and other friends and family members. Not only that, but the Old Town Museum was formerly St. Mary's Church which was my mom's parish. She and my father were married in that building and my brother and I were both christened there.