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Welcome to "Driving Buddy A+ B

Experience the digital age.Learn on your Smart Phone-Tablet-Laptop-Desktop  
Your complete personal Home Study and On-Road How To Do It Step by Step Audio/Video driving course.Save hundreds or even thousands of dollars on driving instruction costs.

Driving Buddy makes learning to drive at your own pace EASY and STRESS FREE, get it and use it and you may not need to pay for driving lessons, you will save a lot of cash because you may only need minimal help from a professional.

Proven SAFE. Use "Driving Buddy" to learn all driving and parking skills,and you don't need to have a car in order to benefit from its use.All the successes listed below have used the driving buddy system to pass their driving tests.

From START To FINISH the techniques stressed while learning are designed for the safe application by the purchaser/user and should not be changed in any way so as to keep the system safe and also to Pass any Driving Tests with above average pass marks usually on your 1st try.
It's EASY. Driving Buddy is intended to be used by persons of legal driving age holding a valid licence or permit issued for the area in which you will be driving.Experienced and Beginner Drivers alike should follow the step by step guidance without making any changes while practicing the driving and parking skills. Experienced drivers usually will not need the services of a driving Instructor while using the Driving Buddy System,they use the system to improve their driving and parking skills then pass their driving tests.If in doubt of your driving abilities you should get a Driving Instructor to assist you usually with handling and control problems then continue to practice with Driving Buddy.

Beginner drivers should use the Driving Buddy Home Study System to LEARN all parking and driving skills before getting help from a Driving Instructor or other competent person.You will mostly need help with handling and control of the vehicle being used.Once you become confident you can use Driving Buddy to practice all driving and parking skills.For added safety reasons please practice in a car with automatic transmission. Initial practice sessions should only be conducted in areas where there is little or no vehicular traffic and away from pedestrians (especially kids).

Driving Buddy is designed to be used in countries where driving a motor vehicle is only permitted on the RIGHT HAND SIDE OF THE ROADWAY eg Canada and USA but includes lots of practical and theory help for drivers who must drive on the LEFT HAND side of the roadway. 

Driving Buddy is the FIRST and still the only driving course of its type that works the way that it does, giving you the help you need WORLDWIDE. Note:All the step by step HOW To Do It on-road practice videos are recorded using the NTSC system for easy use in your Smart Phone - Tablet-PC-laptops in  North America

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4 Easy Ways to Learn & Practice Driving Skills.USA/Canada

(1) On your SMART PHONE

(2) On your TABLET

(3) On your Laptop 

(4) On your Desktop computer 

Self-Help 'How To Do It' Step by Step audio/video driving school course for all ages drivers

Here's what Driving Buddy (A+B) will teach you + much more

Please note that all the REAL TIME parking skills practice topics listed below are presented on Driving Buddy as if you are actually on a driving test.Driving Buddy teaches everything you need to learn. Here is an example of how you will have to conduct yourself during your driving test.See and hear how it's done step by step.

Once you have been asked to perform a task you complete it then leave the vehicle engine running with your RIGHT foot securely on the Brake Pedal,apply the parking brake then place the gear selector to the park position and have both hands on the steering wheel holding it at the 9 and 3 position until you are asked to do otherwise. 

All my students listen and watch the Driving Buddy How To Do It step by step audio/videos while sitting in the car 

just before taking their driving tests so they remember how to do it.

All practice topics listed below meet and exceed Ministry Of Transportation requirements so you wont

fail your driving tests.

(1) Driving Buddy Introduction

(2) Circle check (1)-explain use of brake and gas pedal

(3) Explain use and operation of turn signal

(4) Explain use and operation of wipers

(5) Set outside and inside mirrors

(6) Explain use and operation of cruise control

(7) Explain in-car numbering

(8) Getting started (1)

(9) Getting started (2)

(11) Driving winding roads-Turns-Stopping positions

                  (12) Left turn at lights

(13) Right turn at lights-squeeze left sign

(14) Left turn signal explained

(15) Left turn at lights

(16) Stop sign driving straight

(17) Stop sign making a left turn

(18) Stop sign making a right turn

(19) One-way street explained and practiced

(20) Railway crossing explained and practiced

(21) Bicycle lane-Right turn-4 way stop sign-stopping position

(23) Under the hood checks

(25) Circle check (2) check turn signals-4 way flashers-check tire pressure

(26) 4 way stop sign with flashing RED lights

(27) Explain traffic circle

(28) Explain stopping position behind other vehicles

(29) Stopped at RED light then going straight

(30) GREEN lights making a RIGHT turn

(31) GREEN lights making a LEFT turn-wet slippery roads

(32) Stopped at RED light going straight-slippery roads

(33) RED lights making RIGHT turn-slippery roads

(34) Lane change to the RIGHT-stopping position-slippery roads

(35) Uphill parking-3 point turn-lane change-left turn-stop sign

(37) Yield sign-MERGE-right turn

(38) Explain stopping distance behind other vehicles

(39) Explain following distances

(41) Driving along - sharp turns - flashing amber lights

(42) Railway crossing - BUS MUST STOP - keep safe following distance

(43) Explain traffic circle


(45) RIGHT LANE ENDS SIGN(almost crash)

(46) Explain driving practice on WINDING ROAD

(47) Stop sign ahead(sign) 4 way stop sign

(48) Bicycle lane explained

(49) Explain RAILWAY CROSSING - driving along

(50) Exiting to turn RIGHT at YIELD SIGN

(51) Right turn onto a one way street then exit left onto a 2 way street

(52) Left turn at lights then lane change to the RIGHT

(53) Construction sign-lane change to left then to the RIGHT

(54) Yield sign-lane change-left at light explained-slippery roads

(55) Right lane ends(sign) lane change to left (1)

(56) Right lane ends sign-lane change to left (2)

(57) Lane change to left to make left turn at lights(explained)

(58) Emergency stop-road side stop-emergency park-road side park

(59) Driving the H.O.V.lane on the FREEWAY

(60) Entering the freeway-slippery conditions-driving along explained

(61) Entering the freeway-explain following distances

(62) Entering the freeway(explained)-overhead signs-looking ahead

(63) Exiting the freeway making right exit turn at lights

(64) Making lane changes on the freeway(explained)

(65) Downhill parking practiced and explained

(68) Practice 3 point turn using DRIVING BUDDY CD-B (1)

(69) 3 point turn(observing student)

(71) Practice 3 point turn - observe student - explain DRY STEERING

(72) 3 point turn-slippery conditions

(73) Practice parallel parking at NIGHT using pylons (explained)(1)

(75) Parallel parking using DRIVING BUDDY CD-B (2)

(76) Parallel parking between pylons(observing student)(2)

(77) Parallel parking(overhead view)using CD-B (1)

(78) Parallel parking using CD-B (3)

(79) Parallel parking using CD-B(overhead view) (2)

(80) Practice parking lot parking-front in on the left(explained)

(81) Practice backing in on the left(explained)

(82) Leaving parking space front out in parking lot

(83) The steering wheel

(84) Practice steering hand over hand (1)

(85) Practice Emergency Park/Roadside Stop (explained)

(86) Practice Uphill Parking (explained)

(87) Practice Downhill Parking (explained)

(88) 3 Point Turn. (Canadian System) (real time)

(89) Parking lot Park, Backing in on the RIGHT (explained)

(90) Parking lot Park, Backing in on the LEFT (explained)

(91) Parking lot park Front in on the RIGHT (explained)

(92) Parking lot park Front in on the LEFT (explained)

(93) Parallel Parking (1) (real time)

(94) Parallel Parking (2) (real time)

(95) 3 Point Turn (2) (real time)

(96) Practice Hand Over Hand Steering (2)

(97) Practice 3 Point Turn (USA System) (3) (real time)

(98) Emergency roadside park/stop (real time)

(99) Uphill Parking (real time)

(100) Downhill parking (real time)

(101) Pretend parking Uphill on a flat road (real time) done on driving test

(102) Pretend parking Downhill on a flat road (real time) done on driving test

(103) Parking lot backing in on the RIGHT (real time)

(104) Parking lot backing in on the LEFT (real time)

(105) Parking lot front in on the RIGHT (real time)

(106) Parking lot front in on the LEFT (real time)

(107) Uphill parking with NO CURB (real time)

(108) Backing out of a parking space and driving to the RIGHT

(109) Backing out of a parking space and driving to the LEFT

(110) In-car numbering with stickers (use an erasable marker if you run out of stickers supplied)

(111) Backing in on the RIGHT

(112) Front in on the LEFT

(113) Backing in on the LEFT

Prepare Yourself NOW!  See It!  Hear It!  Do It!  It WORKS! 

Too Many Collisions/Accidents!

Refresher course Helps Experienced Drivers to get rid of BAD HABITS and to Pass the driving test
Helps New Drivers
Helps Senior Drivers
Helps Drivers who paid for driving lessons at a driving school who were not taught properly
Helps Drivers who have FAILED their driving tests
Helps Nervous Drivers
Helps FORGETFUL Drivers
Helps Drivers going for their driving test soon

I know that I am a pretty darn good driving instructor but I find that every time I decide to sell 'driving buddy' to my student usually those who are forgetful or nervous learners I do not see them for a while then I always get a phone call to say,Trevor thank you so much, I used driving buddy and I got my drivers licence TODAY,so I lose income and they SAVE MONEY. Just recently a student revealed to me that the 5 members in her family which I taught that passed their driving tests on the FIRST TRY all used the Driving Buddy course which I sold to her.You can do the same.Canada/USA

Innovation: Take It With You! It's Tested & Proven Safe and Effective

Designed for use in Canada/USA 

Using the Driving Buddy System along with my many years experience as an on-road driving instructor is the reason for my high first try successes. Driving Buddy makes my students pass their driving tests with exceptionally high marks. You can pass a driving test with a 60% pass mark,but all my students pass with a minimum 88% or higher, many of whom clear their driving test with no mistakes. Come let me show you how to become a defensive driver and pass your driving test on your first try. You should get your own Driving Buddy here, you will see how much easier it will be for you to learn how to become a defensive driver and to pass your driving test on your first try. 

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The ONLY Audio/Video Driving school Course That Works The Way That It 

Does Worldwide


Driving Buddy Testimonials year 2013/16 (See below) Countless others from previous year



Hey Trevor! Just like to thank you for all the tips and techniques... Thanks for busting my ear until i got everything right.. I would totally recommend you to all other people who would want to pass their G license.. The credit's all yours my friend! -Michelle Marable

Sent from my iPhone


Dearest Trevor,

I cannot thank you enough for your all your endless patients and helping me pass my G2 test first time around with 100%.

You help me to build my confidence, which I never had, to get rid of my bad driving habits and how to drive SAFELY plus the right way on the roads.

I will most certainly be recommending you to all my friends in the future.

You’re the best!!!!!!

Thanks Again JJ

Pammie McKimmie

Hi Trevor,

I wanted to send you a huge thanks for helping me pass my G test with a perfect score! The driving buddy CDs you used during our lessons really helped me get rid of my bad habits in order to become a more safe and confident driver.  As you know, I was extremely nervous for my test but I'm so happy to have had your support and professional guidance to help me pass on my first try. I couldn't have done it without you!

Thanks again,


Dear Trevor,

Two years ago I passed my G2 test in Oakville at the first attempt and today I passed my G test in Guelph at the first attempt too, all that with pretty good score:)

The biggest THANK YOU for your patience and your time.


PS. Please post this on your web page because I didn't find the way how to do it by myself.
Dear Trevor,

I hope this email finds you in good health.

I am writing to thank you for all the guidance and support that you provided me with during the driving lessons which taught me all the necessary skills and confidence to pass the "G" driving test in the first attempt. It is worth mentioning that I highly appreciated all the methods and techniques that you adopted to teach me in the easiest way possible including your fantastic sense of humor which helped much at making every piece of instruction enjoyable and unforgettable.

In addition, the "Driving Buddy CD / DVD Kit" was very instrumental and helpful during my off-road (at home) learning / listening sessions. The knowledge and important information about driving were all mentioned in your CDs & DVDs  which have enabled me to understand the rules and regulations on these roads. The detailed notes and video clips provided with the "Driving Buddy Kit" which guided me and helped to visualize & learn the steps very easily. The Driving Buddy Kit and your hands-on training sessions made the test a cake walk.  

I'm glad to have had you as my instructor and I assure you that you will be recommended to my friends in the future. I wish you all the best in your profession and may you continue to help aspiring drivers to learn the right discipline and approach in driving. All the best and God Bless you.

Best regards,

Albert D'Sa
Picture of Adnan
nn ousif 
Picture of Hayder Jalal
Dear Trevor,

Thank you for assisting me in overcoming my bad driving habits... Without your professional input and relentless repetition I would not have been able to pass my G2 test with 92% and my G test with a clean sheet...

I would most certainly recommend you to anyone who needs to learn proper driving methods...

Yours truly,

> Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2013 19:41:19 -0500

> Trevor is an amazing driving instructor who taught me NOT only how to pass my G2 but also how to be a safe defensive driver. Any driving instructor can teach you how to pass your driving test but Trevor teaches you WAY beyond that. Coming from a previous driving school I had a lot of bad habits, and Trevor got rid of those and taught me how to drive the RIGHT way! So thank you so much Trevor from the bottom of my heart for teaching me how to drive safely, and giving me the confidence i never had! A-Team driving school is the best driving school, and by the end of your lessons you will most definitely know how to drive, and drive the right way!

> Thank you so much again Trevor! 

> Torri Harris :) 

> Hi Trevor

> As I mentioned please refer to my suggested testimonial for your web
> site;

> "Being a new immigrant to Canada involved many major adjustments. 

> Learning to driven based on Canadian rules was not first considered a
> challenge until I began to traverse the roadways. 

> A-Team Driving School led by Trevor was of invaluable assistance in
> transitioning me into the correct technical and practical methodology
> for successful Canadian driving 

> Having tried other instructors, I can assure that with Trevor you will
> learn to drive not only correctly but most importantly safely on all
> types of roadways and with his wealth of experience improve your chances
> by 100% to successfully passing your G2 and G road test on the first
> attempt"

> It is a pleasure to add my testimonial as a satisfied student of A-Tream
> drive school". 

> Paul Lyn
> Brampton,Ontario 

Re : Road Tesr for G2
Hi  Trevor;

              Once again, I would like to thank - you for your hands on training in me recently receiving my G2 licence.  When I first started, with the defensive driving techniques needed today in order to pass a road test, I thought I would never be able to get it.  Even with me being a previous licenced driver, I could not believe the poor 
driving habits I picked up.  But you have faith and believe in every student you teach, and this gives you a gift.  I am certain a lot of instructors would of dropped or turn their head on students who need extra patience and understanding. 
             In closing, keep up your good work and continue to teach the new generation of drivers the RIGHT way to drive. I will be contacting you shortly in booking lesson(s) for my G test.

God Bless,


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