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There are tons of free videos on the web, but not all are appropriate for classroom use.  The sites listed here help you find the best sites for the classroom and even help you edit them for your use.  Think of yourself as the director of the Internet.  =)
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Website NameURLDescription
18 Free Screencasting Tools to Create Video Tutorials Descriptions and links to 18 different tools that let you caputre the screen of your computer to make video tutorials for your students 
A Cleaner Internet Removes "related videos," comments, and advertising from YouTube videos making it safe to show YouTube videos in your classroom 
Allthink  A free website that lets you make free online videos/lessons 
Dragontape Create your own unique YouTube "mixed tape" of videos by dragging and dropping them onto a Dragontape timeline  
EdPuzzle Edit any video to add questions , engage students, check for comprehension and more! 
Educational Videos A site devoted to finding the best educational videos available on the web and putting them in a convenient place 
EmbedPlus allows you to start a video at any point you specify. You can also use Embed Plus to skip scenes in a video, play it in slow motion, zoom into an area of a video, and annotate a video 
Kideos Just like its name implies...videos for kids. Each video has been screened before making it onto the site. 
Kid's Vid A site that helps kids produce their own videos; Includes scripting, making the video, editing and showtime. 
NeoK12  A comprehensive collection of educational videos, lessons, and games for students in grade K-12; each video is watched and reviewed by K-12 educators to ensure their accuracy and appropriateness for students 
Quietube emoves all advertising, sidebar content, comments, and ratings from YouTube videos 
Safe Share Allows you to remove comments and ads around YouTube videos as well as crop videos before sharing them 
SchoolTube School Tube allows teachers and schools to create their own channels for sharing their students' works. School Tube also provides excellent how-to resources, copyright-friendly media, and lesson plans for using video in the classroom. Copy and paste a YouTube URL and snip it to just the parts you want by selecting the start and end times of the section of the video you want to use  
Splicd Select and share a segment of a YouTube video 
Teachers' Domain Offers free digital media from public TV broadcasters for educational use 
TeacherTube Find instructional videos for use in your classroom 
TubeChop Helps educators avoid the hassle of skipping through videos to find a certain clip within the video 
ViewPure Gives educators the ability show students YouTube videos without advertising, free from links to suggested videos that might be inappropriate, and without user comments below the video 
Vimeo Similar to YouTube, but much more user friendly and better sound quality 
VuSafe Lets teachers create online video libraries of their favorite educational videos from YouTube and other sources; also strips YouTube videos of their comments, links, and advertising Free educational videos sorted by subject and filterable by age 
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