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Make history come alive with the links below.  Perfect for use on an interactive whiteboard.  =)
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Bringing History Home http://bringinghistoryhome.org/ This website has everything K-5 teachers need to teach elementary history lessons; lesson plans, internet resources, and even suggested children's history books are included 
ChronoZoom http://www.chronozoomproject.org/ A multimedia timeline of the history of the world from the dawn of time to today. The timeline is arranged according to themes and thresholds. Thresholds are eras and major developments in the history of the world. Within each threshold there are multiple videos, images, and texts about that time.  
Crash Course http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBDA2E52FB1EF80C9 This YouTube channel has 42 videos that teach about World History in a fun way. Some of the comments could be considered PG-13, so you many want to review the videos before showing them in class. Good for middle school and up. 
Digital History http://www.digitalhistory.uh.edu/ This site has great units, digital resources, and an interactive map/timeline 
Eyewitness History http://www.eyewitnesstohistory.com/ Tons of information and links to events in history 
GeoEdu http://www.geoedu.info/index.html A free game and interactive atlas for learning worldwide geography 
GeoGames http://www.reachtheworld.org/geogames/ An interactive globe that you can drag and drop continents, countries and cities onto; pefect for Interactive Whiteboards. Teachers, watch the video for ides on how to use it in your classroom. 
geoGreeting http://www.geogreeting.com/main.html Just type in a message and it brings up arial pictures of the letters you type. You can then save and share the link to your message with others. The link loads one letter at a time showing with a marker where the picture comes from. 
Go Go News http://www.gogonews.com/home.html Have the latest news in a kid-friendly format sent to your inbox for your students to read. 
GoGo News http://www.gogonews.com/about.html GoGo News presents today's news stories in a way that kids can understand. A short news article is followed by a short video that goes with the article. News from around the world is included as well as fun and silly news. 
MuseumBox http://museumbox.e2bn.org/ a good presenation alternative to PowerPoint; students add content to each side of a vitural box to create their project 
My American Farm http://www.myamericanfarm.org/ Website sponsored by the American Farm Bureau has games for kids to teach them about argriculture. Just move your mouse over the game to see what grade level it pertains to. Also has teacher resources, including downloadable worksheets, and family activities. If you click on the "About Us" section and then click on the "Take A Tour" arrow, you can watch a quick 3 minute video that tells you all about the site. 
My Fake Wall http://www.myfakewall.com/ This website allows users to create fake facebook walls for historical or fictional characters. This is a great alternative to a history or book report.  
Myths and Legends http://myths.e2bn.org/index.php A collection of Myths and Legends which aims to inspire young people to create their own stories 
National Geographic http://www.nationalgeographic.com/ Share beautiful pictures of our world to inspire learning through nature 
NATIONSTATES http://www.nationstates.net/ A FREE simulation game that allows the user to create a new country and run it. Would be fun to do with a Social Studies, History, or Government class. 
OverlapMaps http://overlapmaps.com/ OverlapsMaps let you overlap maps onto other maps to compare sizes. This would be a good site to use in a geography class to help students be able to understand the size of a continent, country or other other geographical location compared to where they live. 
Paises http://www.ibge.gov.br/paisesat/main.php Online map. Click on any country to get facts about it. 
PlanetInAction http://planetinaction.com/installgoogleearth.htm View the Earth in 3D; super cool and great to use on an interactive whiteboard 
Quickmaps http://quikmaps.com/ Draw a map route on Google map using this site 
Social Studies for Kids http://www.socialstudiesforkids.com/ This resource of social studies links has been sorted by historic events. Users can find out fun facts, information about current events and holidays, as well as find out great information about U.S. and World History. 
THC Classroom http://www.history.com/shows/classroom THC Classroom offers a wide variety of interactive games, learning materials, and tools for teaching about history 
TimeToast http://www.timetoast.com/ A web 2.0 toll that allows you to make timelines 
Weaving History http://www.weavinghistory.org/ Use this site to create fun interactive time-line like pages. The user creates "factlets' about people, places, or events and this site will put them or thread them together. You can even search threads. 
Webexhibits http://www.webexhibits.org/ "An interactive museum of science, humanities, and culture." 
Webrangers http://www.webrangers.us/activities/readingmap/?id=21 Interactive site for learning to read a map. 
Winged Sandals http://www.abc.net.au/arts/wingedsandals/sandals_fixed.html An interactive site to learn about Greece and mythology; has some fun games to play, too 
xtimeline http://www.xtimeline.com/index.aspx a free timeline maker; add pictures and videos to make it more exciting 
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