Adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing are much more fun when they're presented with technology.  Use these websites in your classroom and watch your students confidence in math soar.  =)
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Adrian Bruce's Educational Teaching Resources Fun free stuff for math (and reading) 
Aplusmath Flashcards Online flashcards for basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and divivision facts 
Are You a Math Magician? Users can choose which operation they want to practice or choose to practice all the operations. They must answer 50 questions in 2 1/2 minutes for level 1 or 100 questions in 5 minutes for level 2. There is even a certificate to print out upon completion. 
Arrowcards: Expanded Notation Use this website to demonstrate or practice expanded notation 
BaseTen This is a neat site for teaching with base ten blocks. A little hand pointer will tell the user what number to build with the blocks. As blocks are placed on the mat, the cumulative number will show. This would be great at a computer center on using with the whole class on an interactive whiteboard. 
Base Ten Blocks virtual base ten blocks; use on an interactive whiteboard or at a computer center 
BBC Math Games A BBC website that has all kinds of math games good for 3rd-5th grades 
BBC Numbers: Times Tables Grid Game Here's a neat multiplication game. You can play timed or untimed. You click on a number in the number grid to answer a question. For an added challenge, you can play on a number grid without numbers filled in. You can play with up to the 10's and you can play one table at a time or do all the tables. This would be a great site to use at a computer center. 
Converticious Online unit converter Can convert temperature, volume, distance, weight, area, speed and time. It even does data bytes for all you techies out there. Great for Math and Science teachers and students. 
Cool Math 4 Kids A website that has TONS of math games for all ages 
Cool Online math games and more! 
Count Us In  15 games that teach young children all basic number concepts 
Create-A-Graph A great site to use to create all kinds of graphs. 
Create--a-Reader A reading and math site for Pre-K and K; good to use on an interactive whiteboard 
Flake Pad Online snowflake maker good for lessons on symmetry 
Free Online Graph Paper Need graph paper? Just print some off for free from this site. You can even customize the size of the squares. 
H.I.P. Pocket Change (from the U.S. Mint) Check out these cool games for kids from the U.S. Mint. There are fun money games but also some fun games about the U.S. presidents as well. Who knew the U.S. Mint could be so fun? 
IXL A website to practice math aligned with state standards for PreK- 8th grade 
Khan Academy A math site started by a guy who was just trying to help his cousin with algebra has grown into a cool website to teach all types of math from basic addition to calculus. It also covers physics, history and finance, according the the homepage. There are exercises and videos to help if you get stuck on a problem. This would be great to send home with students who might need a little extra help. You do have to sign in with a Google account or Facebook account to access the lessons.  
Math Fact Cafe Design your own flashcards for math facts, money and time; even create your own worksheets with this webpage 
Math Fact Practice Allows students to choose what type of math practice they want and gives them a report to print at the end 
Math Playground Fun math games, problems, puzzles and videos for elementary and middle school students 
Math Resources  Tons of links to math resources; web page created by a District Technology Resource Teacher in Fayette County Public Schools, Lexington, KY 
Math Worksheets Land Almost 10,000 free PDFs on 44 different math topics.  
McGraw-Hill Fact Dash A website that provides online flashcards; students can set a time to beat A site that is all about mulitiplication 
NumberNut A free elementary math teaching aid that includes shapes and colors, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, ratios and fractions 
OCSD Interactive Games Lots of great interactive math games that are good to use at a computer center or on an interactive whiteboard 
Online Charts Builder,s,FFFFFF|c,s,FFFFFF&max=100& Free online chart maker 
Paper Models of Polyhedra Check out these cool geometric shapes! You can click on tehe polyhedral you like then print off a pattern to make your own model of it. You could even print the pattern on decorative paper or color in a pattern of your own to make a really cool decoration to hang in your classroom. 
Roman Numeral Resoucres List of Roman Numeral resources 
Saxon's Publisher Basic Math Facts Sheets Students can choose what type of problems they want to answer, how many problems to answer, and if they want to be timed; they will receive a score at the end 
Sumdog Cute math games for ages 9-12 
TenMarks A site that offers a free version of it's fantastic math skills practice...just sign up and your class can be clicking away to success 
That Quiz Math test activities for students 
Thinking Blocks Online math modeling site good for elementary and middle school  
TimezAttack Download the free version of this game from BigBrainz; this video game like site will help kiddos learn those difficult multiplication facts 
VectorKids Interactive Educational Math tools; great to use with an interactive whiteboard 
Virtual Manipulatives  Lots of different options to choose from for math for PreK-8th grade  
XtraMath A free website that teachers or parents can sign up for that allows students to practice math fluency facts 
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