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Check out these search engines and reference sites.  Most of them are visual and easy to use which makes them kid-friendly. However, that does not mean that these search engines block inappropriate websites. I suggest you try them out yourself before using them in your classroom or in a school library or media center to see if they will fit your needs.  Monitoring your students when they use the internet is also always a good idea.  =)
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Website NameURLDescription
Awesome Library A kid-friendly search engine that allows students to search by keyword or subject area 
Boolify A visual search engine based on the Boolean principal; drag puzzle pieces to the search box and add text to those puzzle pieces to create just the right search for what you are looking for 
Compfight A search engine for Flickr images 
Duck Duck Go A search engine that does not track your usage 
Encyclopedia Britannica Online School Edition The Award-winning encyclopedia company has gone online. This kid-friendly version of the encyclopedia makes it easy for kids to find the information they need 
Fact Monster Fact monster is an almanac, dicitonary, thesarus and encyclopedia in one! 
Great Websites for Kids Websites recommended for kids by the American Library Association 
Internet Public Library for Kids Search by keyword or subject 
Kidport Reference Library An online reference library for kids 
KidsClick! A search engine for kids created by librarians; students can search by keyword, category, letter, or even picture 
Kidsconnect A safe way to search the net for information 
Noodle Tools: Noodle Quest Here's an interesting site that asks you questions to find the best search engine for your needs.  
Quintura Kids A search engine that uses word clouds to refine your searches 
Qwiki Qwiki is Wikipedia in a simplier, easier to understand format. Video, slideshows, text and audio will come up in a search that will give youngsters get all forms of information about their topic in one spot 
RedZ A visual search engine...see the site before you click 
School Wax A one-stop shop search engine for kids 
SortFix Makes searches on Google and Bing more useful 
Sweet Search A Search Engine for Students. It searches only credible Web sites approved by Internet research experts. 
Showing 18 items