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Internet Safety for Kids

Here you will find links to games that kids can play to reinforce Internet safety.  Let your students click their way to being an Internet guru while learning to be safe at the same time.  =)
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Admongo http://www.admongo.gov/ A fun arcade like game that teaches kids how to decode ads that they may encounter in real life 
Cyber Tree House http://www.cybertreehouse.com/ Videos and games that promote cyber safety 
FauxPaw the Techno Cat video http://www.ikeepsafe.org/youth/fauxpaw/ A video about Internet safety starring FauxPaw the Techno Cat 
Firewall http://www.tvokids.com/games/firewall A fun game on TVOKids that tests students knowledge of Internet safety; they have to build a "firewall" to protect their computer from viruses 
Hector's World http://www.hectorsworld.com/island/index.html#HOMEPAGE A fun way for younger kids to learn about Internet safety; videos and games that would be good to use on an Interactive Whiteboard 
Infinite Learning Lab http://learninglab.org/ Learn about Internet safety with Professor Garfield 
Internet Smarts Interactive Case Studies http://powertolearn.com/internet_smarts/interactive_case_studies/index.shtml Through multimedia activities, students examine issues affecting schoolwork, class papers, entertainment activities and online safety.  
KidsCom.com http://www.kidscom.com/ A fun social networking type site that promotes Internet saftey; lots of fun games to play; earn virtual money to spend on your avatar 
McGruff Internet Safety Games http://www.mcgruff.org/Games/is.php Fun games to teach about Internet safety 
NetSmartzKids http://www.netsmartzkids.org/AdventureGames fun games and videos that reinforce Internet safety 
Passplex http://www.passplex.com/ Use this site to generate secure passwords 
Password Generator http://www.newpasswordgenerator.com/ A password generator with 2 different options to generate secure passwords; great for students and teachers to use 
Safety Land http://www.att.com/Common/images/safety/game.html A fun game sponsored by AT&T; you are the super hero and have to stop the villian who is going through safety land and infecting computers 
Shrink the Cyberbully http://www.mcgruff.org/Games/cyberbully.php Answer questions about cyberbullying to "shrink" the cyberbully down to nothihng! 
SMOKESCREEN http://www.smokescreengame.com/ A game for teens to teach them about Internet saftey; from the teen social networking site White Smoke 
The First Adventure of the Three CyberPigs http://mediasmarts.ca/game/privacy-playground-first-adventure-three-cyberpigs Follow the cyberpigs on their adventure as they learn about Internet safety; answer questions along the way 
The Second Adventure of the Three CyberPigs http://mediasmarts.ca/game/cybersense-and-nonsense-second-adventure-three-cyberpigs The CyberPigs are back to learn more about Internet safety 
Webonauts Internet Academy http://pbskids.org/webonauts/ Fun game to teach about Internet Safety; players must complete certain tasks to move up in the game 
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