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Help improve communication from school to home with the help of these websites.
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Website NameURLDescription
Assign-A-Day http://assignaday.4teachers.org/ online calendaring site that can be used to post school, activity, or class calendars 
Edublogs http://edublogs.org/ Create and manage student and teacher blogs including videos and podcasts. Edublogs boasts it's "safe, easy and secure." 
ePrintable Calendars http://www.eprintablecalendars.com/ A quick and easy way to create and print out calendars to send home 
Google Sites https://sites.google.com/ Make a professional looking website through Google 
School Notes http://www.schoolnotes.com/ Create notes for homework and class information and post them on the web in seconds using this free website 
Weebly for Education  http://education.weebly.com/ Create a free class website 
Wiggio http://wiggio.com/ A free online toolkit that makes it easy to work with and coorinate groups; share and manage files, a group calander, poll your group, post links, set up conference calls, chat online, send out mass text messages, and send voice or email messages to the entire group; great for classrooms 
Showing 7 items