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So many ways to share and learn online!  These websites make it easy for your class to collaborate on class projects and get feedback from each other.  Some even allow assignments to be posted and graded online.
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Website NameURLDescription
Collaborize Classroom http://wecollaborize.com/classroom.html Extend classroom discussion to a structured and online community 
Edmodo http://www.edmodo.com/ An educational social networking site for classrooms; only students registered to an Edmodo class can see the posts for that class; parents can sign up to see only the posts from the teacher and the posts of their child 
Elgg http://www.elgg.org/ A social networking site for schools; create classes, post and submit assignments and share learning experineces with others 
goPileus http://gopileus.com/ a free service for quickly sharing files 
MindMiester http://www.mindmeister.com/ online mindmaping tool; great for brainstorming 
PBworks http://pbworks.com/ A wiki good for online collaboration; share and edit files, lists, and more 
PiratePad http://piratepad.net/front-page/ An online shared notepad; revisions are stored 
Popplet http://popplet.com/ Presentation or brainstorming tool; good to use on an Interactive Whiteboard 
Primary Wall http://primarywall.com/ Free "sticky note" tool; add sticky notes to a wall to send notes to students; great for brainstorming or collaboartive assignments; walls stay active for 30 days 
SimpleVLE.com http://www.simplevle.com/Quiz/Welcome.jsp Create a virutal classroom where your students can take tests and quizzes that you create 
TitanPad http://titanpad.com/ Easily share and work on one document with others 
Wall Wisher http://www.wallwisher.com/ A free web 2.0 tool; create a wall and anyone can write a note on your wall 
Wikispaces http://www.wikispaces.com/ Another good wiki maker great for online collaboration; good for teachers who need to share information without having to use a CD, email, or thumb drive 
Writeboard http://writeboard.com/ a free tool that allows students to easily collaborate on a project online; each version of a project are tracked and saved so that old ideas are never lost and can be easily monitored by teachers; projects can only be accessed with a password so the public could not easily access students' projects 
Showing 14 items