Links Mentioned in Class

Click here to view David Christian's TED Talk on Big History.

Click here for a video of the San people in current day southern Africa (the Kalahari Desert).

Click here for a PBS/National Geographic movie on the Mayans.

Click here for to explore an interactive feature on the Mayan civilization at the site of USA Today.
Click here for the official website for the new movie about Jesuit priests in Japan, Silence.

Want to get better at reading and taking notes on reading?  Take a look at advice from Lifehack, Cornell, and the Oxford Royale Academy.

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 Click here for the video on the Works Cited page, produced by Purdue OWL.

 Click here for the page that describes how to cite your sources within the text of your paper.


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This page is for the 10th grade students in Mr. Seyfried's and Ms. Holzer's AP World History class at the Academy for Technology and the Classics.  Visit here regularly for recommended links and resources, in addition to required assignments.  Use the menu at the left of the screen to view assignment due dates and digital copies of class handouts.