Einstein Fellow
501 Campbell Hall #3411, Astronomy Department, UC Berkeley
Berkeley, CA 94720-3411


UC Berkeley, Berkeley, CA
NASA Einstein Fellow

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley, CA
NASA Einstein Fellow

Princeton University, Princeton, NJ
Center for Theoretical Science Fellow


Harvard University, Cambridge, MA
Ph.D., May 2010. Astronomy Department
A.M., May 2007. Astronomy Department

Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Moscow, Russia
with honors, Applied Physics and Mathematics, June 2004.
with honors, Applied Physics and Mathematics, June 2002.
Department of General and Applied Physics; concentration in theoretical astrophysics


“Simulations and Analytic Models of Magnetized Relativistic Jets”
Adviser: Professor Ramesh Narayan


  1. Tchekhovskoy, A. 2015, Launching of Active Galactic Nuclei Jets, in The Formation and Disruption of Black Hole Jets, Contopoulos et al. (Eds.), Springer, p. 45; ISBN: 978-3319103556


(* indicates works for which I mentored students)

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  • Co-I, NASA ATP grant, $412,064 (14-ATP14-0185, PI Giannios) 10/2015–9/2018 Relativistic Jets: Acceleration, Dissipation and Interactions with Ambient Gas
    As part of this grant, I mentor postdoc Rodolfo Barniol Duran in setting up, carrying out, and analyzing long-range 3D simulations of relativistic magnetized jets in active galactic nuclei to understand their instabilities, dissipation, and emission.


  • Berkeley TAC fellowship, 09/2016 – 08/2017
  • Einstein Fellowship (12 fellowships, 190 applications), 09/2013 – 08/2016
  • Hubble Fellowship (declined; 17 fellowships, 285 applications), 2013
  • PI on a 6,000,000 CPU-hour NSF XSEDE grant TG-AST100040, 04/2015 – 03/2016
  • PI on a 2,400,000 CPU-hour NASA HEC grant SMD-15-5999, 05/2015 – 04/2016
  • PI on a 3,375,000 CPU-hour NASA HEC grant SMD-14-4981, 05/2014 – 04/2015
  • PI on a 6,100,000 CPU-hour NSF XSEDE grant TG-AST100040, 10/2012 – 12/2013
  • PI on a 3,000,000 CPU-hour NSF Teragrid grant TG-AST100040, 10/2011 – 09/2012
  • PI on a 3,000,000 CPU-hour NSF Teragrid grant TG-AST100040, 10/2010 – 09/2011
  • Princeton Center for Theoretical Science Fellowship, Princeton, NJ, 09/2010 – 08/2013
  • Harvard College Certificate of Distinction in Teaching, Cambridge, MA, 2006
  • Philip Putnam Chase Memorial Fellowship, Cambridge, MA, 2004 2005


  1. Invited talk at "Blazars through Sharp Multi-Wavelength Eyes'' conference, Malaga, Spain, 2016
  2. Invited talk at M87 Workshop, Taipei, Taiwan, 2016
  3. Invited talk at Purdue Workshop "Relativistic Plasma Astrophysics'', West Lafayette, IN, 2016
  4. Invited key participant at KITP Santa Barbara program "Confronting MHD Theories of Accretion Disks with Observations'', 2016
  5. Invited talk at "Transient thinkshop16'', Bormio, Italy, 2016
  6. Plenary talk at the Texas Symposium Meeting, Geneva, Switzerland, 2015
  7. Invited talk at the ISSI meeting "Jets and Winds in Pulsar Wind Nebulae, Gamma-ray Bursts and Blazars: Physics of Extreme Energy Release'', Bern, Switzerland, 2015
  8. Seminar at Turku University, Finland, 2015
  9. Colloquium at Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Bangalore, India, 2015
  10. Seminar at Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India, 2015
  11. Invited talk at "Extragalactic Relativistic Jets: Cause and Effect'' conference, Bangalore, India, 2015
  12. Invited talk at Joint Space Institute Workshop, Annapolis, MD, 2015
  13. Invited talk at "Black hole accretion and AGN feedback'' conference, Shanghai, China, 2015
  14. Invited talk at Krakow Blazar Meeting, Poland, 2015
  15. Colloquium at the Anton Pannekoek Institute for Astronomy, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2015
  16. Invited talk at “Compact Objects as Astrophysical and Gravitational Probes”, Lorentz Center, Netherlands, 2015
  17. Invited talk at Event Horizon Telescope Meeting, Waterloo, Canada, 2014
  18. Invited talk at IAU Symposium 313 “Extragalactic jets from every angle”, Galapagos Islands, 2014
  19. Invited talk at the American Physical Society Meeting, Savannah, GA, 2014
  20. NRAO-Socorro Colloquium, NRAO, Socorro, NM, 2014
  21. Los Alamos National Laboratory seminar, Los Alamos, NM, 2014
  22. Astrophysics Colloquium, University of Oxford, Oxford, UK, 2014
  23. Astrophysics Seminar, University of Geneva, Switzerland, 2014
  24. Invited talk at ISSI Workshop on “The Strongest Magnetic Fields in the Universe”, Bern, Switzerland 2014
  25. Invited talk at Astro-GR meeting, Georgia Tech, Atlanta, GA 2013
  26. TAPIR Seminar, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA 2013
  27. Invited talk at “Black Holes, Jets and Outflows” Conference, Kathmandu, Nepal 2013
  28. Talk at KIPAC@10, Kavli Institute for Particle Astrophysics and Cosmology 2013
  29. Invited talk at “The Innermost Regions of Relativistic Jets and Their Magnetic Fields”, Granada, Spain 2013
  30. University of Western Ontario Seminar, London, ON, Canada 2013
  31. Perimeter Institute Seminar, Waterloo, ON, Canada 2013
  32. Yale Center for Astronomy and Astrophysics Seminar, New Haven, CT 2013
  33. Penn State Frontiers of CyberScience Seminar, State College, PA 2013
  34. Invited Talk at “High Energy Astrophysics 2012” Conference, Moscow, Russia 2012
  35. Purdue Astrophysics Seminar, West Lafayette, IN 2012
  36. Cornell University Colloquium, Ithaca, NY 2012
  37. Invited Talk at Fermi Symposium, Monterey, CA 2012
  38. Berkeley TAC Seminar, Berkeley, CA 2012
  39. Invited Talk at “X-ray Astronomy: towards the next 50 years” Conference, Milan, Italy 2012
  40. Invited Talk at IAU General Assembly in Beijing, China 2012
  41. Shanghai University Colloquium, Shanghai, China 2012
  42. Talk at “Gamma Ray Bursts in the Era of Rapid Followup” Conference, Liverpool, UK 2012
  43. CITA Seminar, Toronto, ON, Canada 2012
  44. Talk at “Jets, Winds and Outflows” Conference, Charlottesville, VA 2012
  45. Invited Talk at “Cosmic Accelerator Workshop”, Chiba, Japan 2012
  46. Invited Talk at “High Energy Astrophysics 2011” Conference, Moscow, Russia 2011
  47. Perimeter Institute Seminar, Waterloo, Canada 2011
  48. University of Waterloo Seminar, Waterloo, Canada 2011
  49. Talk at HEAD Meeting, Newport, RI 2011
  50. Invited Talk at “Astronomy at High Angular Resolution” Conference, Bad Honnef, Germany 2011
  51. Invited Talk at “HEPRO-III” Conference, Barcelona, Spain 2011
  52. Talk at “Prompt GRB 2011”, Raleigh, NC 2011
  53. Talk at “The Ins and Outs of the Black Holes” Conference, Annapolis, MD 2010
  54. Talk at Chandra Workshop “Accretion Processes in X-rays”, Boston, MA 2010
  55. Purdue Astrophysics Seminar, West Lafayette, IN 2010
  56. Talk at Aspen Winter Conference “Formation and Evolution of Black Holes”, Aspen, CO 2010
  57. Talk at “Frontiers of MHD” Conference, Princeton, NJ 2010 Talk at 215th Winter AAS Meeting, Washington, D.C. 2010
  58. Poster at “Nonlinear Processes in Astrophysical Plasmas” Conference, Santa Barbara, CA 2009
  59. Berkeley TAC Seminar, Berkeley, CA 2009
  60. Stanford Tea Talk, Menlo Park, CA 2009
  61. CITA Seminar, Toronto, ON, Canada 2009
  62. UIUC General Relativity and Astrophysics Seminar, Urbana-Champagne, IL 2009
  63. UCSB Astrophysics Seminar, Santa Barbara, CA 2008
  64. Poster at COSPAR Conference, Montreal, QC, Canada 2008
  65. Talk at “Cool Disks, Hot Flows” Conference, Funesdalen, Sweden 2008


Mentoring graduate and undergraduate students
  1. Sean Ressler, 2nd-4th year graduate student, UC Berkeley
  2. Matthew Liska, 2nd year masters student and PhD student, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands
  3. Lev Arzamasskiy, senior year bachelors student, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Russia
  4. Alexander Philippov, 2nd-3rd year graduate student, Princeton University
  5. Luke Kelley, 4th year graduate student, Harvard University
  6. Jason Li, 3-5th year graduate student (now graduated), Princeton University
Mentoring post-docs in computational astrophysics
  1. Omer Bromberg, Princeton University
  2. Rodolfo Barniol Duran, Purdue University
Mentor the set up, execution, and analysis of the first long-range 3D simulations of relativistic magnetized jets in the context of core-collapse gamma-ray bursts and active galactic nuclei.

Stanford Pre-Collegiate Studies Program
, Stanford, CA
Guest lecturer
Gave a lecture to a group of high school students from around the world.

International Summer School of Modern Astrophysics, Pushchino, Moscow region, Russia
Lecturer, general relativistic magnetohydrodynamics modeling techniques, black hole accretion and jet physics, and simulations of black hole accretion and jets, 1-12 July 2013 (
Gave 6 lectures to an international group of about 50 undergraduate students, graduate students, and postdocs on general relativistic magnetohydrodynamics modeling. Gave hands-on sessions on using HARM2D, the public version of the HARM code. As a result, two of the school’s participants, Anna Chashkina and Pavel Abolmasov, published two papers in MNRAS based on the simulations with HARM2D.

Harvard University, Astronomy Department, Cambridge, MA
Teaching Fellow, Topics in Astrophysics (Professor Ramesh Narayan), Spring 2006
Teaching Fellow, Radiative Processes (Professor George Rybicki), Fall 2005
Taught sections and graded problem sets for a group of a dozen students.

Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Correspondence School, Moscow, Russia
Grader, Physics and Mathematics, Fall 1998 – Spring 2002


Referee for Nature, Science, the Astrophysical Journal, the Astrophysical Journal Letters, Monthly Notices of Royal Astronomical Society, New Astronomy, Physical Review D, Physics Uspekhi, and Research in Astronomy and Astrophysics.

Proposal Reviewer

NASA ATP panel review, 2013
NASA Fermi mission proposal review, 2012
Reviewer for NSF Division of Astronomical Sciences, 2011

Scientific Meeting Organizer

Workshop, “Revealing Radiative Processes near Black Holes”, Princeton, NJ, 2013
HEAD special session, “Accretion, Spin, and Feedback ⟨. . .⟩”, Monterey, CA, 2013

Promotion of Science
  • Interview about black holes at a radio show “Hot tech – cool science”, KWMR-FM, August 2014
  • Guest Lecture at Stanford Pre-Collegiate Studies Program, July 2014, Stanford, CA
  • Public Lecture at Amateur Astronomy, Inc. Lecture Series, January 2013, Cranford, NJ
  • My research covered in Sky and Telescope, 2012: Spin’s the Thing.
  • My interviews with Sky and Telescope, 2012: Astronomers Approach Black Hole and Star-Shredder’s Brief Pulse.
  • My interview with, 2012: Spinning Black Holes Shaped by Magnetic Fields
  • My research featured in Princeton Art of Science 2010 Gallery.
Princeton University, Department of Astrophysical Sciences, Princeton, NJ
Astrophysical Colloquium Series Organizer, 2011 – 2013

Harvard University, Astronomy Department, Cambridge, MA
Research Meeting Organizer, 2007 – 2009
Organizer of Professor Ramesh Narayan’s weekly group meetings. Selected and invited the speakers, scheduled and logistically set up the meetings.

Harvard University, Harvard College, Cambridge, MA
Harvard Bartending Team Member, 2005 – 2008
Oversaw alcohol policy enforcement and resolved any conflict situations at events involving up to 300 people.

Harvard University, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Cambridge, MA
Dudley House Language Table Leader, 2004 – 2005
Organized weekly meetings of a multi-national Russian-speaking group, chose discussion topics, led the discussions.