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  1. Create your College Success Portfolio - see the Portfolio Handbook.

  2. Select the Pencil/Edit Icon on top menu and click on this block to edit the default text for your name. 

  3. Add your profile photo:

    • Click on the profile image placeholder, and click Remove (you may need to do this twice).

    • Click Insert (Top Menu)>Image.

    • Click on Upload Images. 

    • Click on OK. If the image is not where you want it, grab it to drag it back to the left lower block. See the Portfolio Handbook for tips on resizing your image or changing the background of this page.

  4. Highlight and delete yellow text to remove these instructions when page is complete.

  5. Do not edit anything else on this page.

  6. Click on Save (top menu) before you leave this page.

  7. To add content for your College Success Portfolio, click on the top menu links and follow the instructions on those pages. Use the Site Map if you get lost.  The Portfolio Handbook contains step by step instructions, just click on the link at the bottom of this site.]

This College Success Portfolio is submitted as a requirement for the First Semester Seminar.