July 1, 2017 -- the 75th anniversary of the formation of the Air Transport Command!

Learn about the Air Transport Command (ATC)
  • Ask a veteran! Send email to ATCA Historian Sgt. Jack Kinyon (jhkinyon (at) gmail.com).

  • "The Hump" - Life Magazine, September 11, 1944 (PDF)

Books (may be found for sale new/used via Internet search)
  • "A Teenager's View of World War II" - Fred Kaiser, 2000
  • "Born to fly... The Hump" - Dr. Carl Frey Constein, 2001
  • "Flight to Everywhere" - Ivan Dmitri, 1944
  • "Mac's Wartime Letters 1941-1943" - Malcolm Perkins, 1997
  • "Tales of the Himalayas" - Compiled and edited by Dr. Carl Frey Constein, 2002
  • "Top Stick" - Harold A. Jacobs, 2002
  • "When the Airlines Went to War" - Robert J. Serling, 1997

Visit the Air Transport Command Exhibit at the Air Mobility Command Museum, Dover AFB
    • The exhibit
      • ATC video clips (9 clips that play in a continuous loop as part of the exhibit, YouTube, 13 minutes total)

    ATC Veterans In the News
    • Carl F. Constein - China-Burma-India "Hump" pilot

      • Interview - March, 2012 (YouTube, 44 minutes)

    • Richard Ravitts - C-87 and C-54 pilot, and former president of ATCA
    • George Schofield - Navigator

      • Interview - May 21, 2016 (YouTube, 25 minutes)

    • Edmond Sipowicz - Tech. Sgt.

      • Interview - May 21, 2016 (YouTube, 28 minutes)

    • Bill Voigt - WWII and Berlin Airlift pilot

    • John Byrton DeWitt Winder - WWII Hump pilot

      • Second Chances - "Alumna Weds Long-Lost Sweetheart After 60 Years Apart" 

    • Air Transport Command Association newsletters (PDF)

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    Air Transport Command Association
    • Claire Lyn Saxon, President (clsaxon (at) earthlink.net)

    • Gail Ravitts, Director

    • Jack Kinyon, Director and Historian (jhkinyon (at) gmail.com)

    • Jean Kumernitsky, Director

    • John J. Kinyon, Secretary/Treasurer, webmaster (jjk2005 (at) gmail.com)
    The Air Transport Command Association is a 501(c)(19) not-for-profit all-volunteer organization. Donations are welcome.