Links mentioned in class

Click here for information about the TV series remake of "Roots" about slavery and early US history.  

Click here for the short YouTube video explaining historiography.

Click here for a BBC article about forensic evidence that Jamestown colonists turned to cannibalism.
Click here for the 60 Minutes episode on the archaeology of slave ships and the opening of the National Museum of African-American History.

Click here to see an interview with the artist Kara Walker, whose silhouette art draws attention to the "lost folklore" of slaves and descendants of slaves in the American South.

Click here for the official website of the movie "12 Years a Slave" based on the true story of Solomon Northrup.
Click here for Political Science Professor Frank Sorrentino's lecture on James Madison.

Click here for the Smithsonian's article on "The Dark Side of Thomas Jefferson" from their October 2012 issue.

Click here for the WWII-era US government film about Japanese Internment.

Click here for the National Geographic "Final Report" episode on Watergate.

Click here for the Chapter 23 Quiz

Want to get better at reading and taking notes on reading?  Take a look at advice from Lifehack, Cornell, and the Oxford Royale Academy.

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