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Want to help?

WolfPAC has the following needs for the 2014/2015 school year.  If you're interested in helping out, email us!

WolfPAC Secretary:
Regular attendance at monthly meetings is required.  Take meeting minutes, type them up and email them to WolfPAC for distribution.  Print copy of minutes to post on bulletin board in main hall of ATA.  Meetings are held in the evening hours at the ATA library.  Meetings are planned for the third Thursday of each month this year.  If you're enthusiastic and have a bit more time, this would combine well with the Webmaster position below!

Keep ATAWolfPAC.org website current and updated.  Usually only monthly meeting minutes, but this can be as creative a position as you like!  

Boxtops Coordinator:
Promote and manage Boxtops program for ATA and Family School - run contests, give prizes, whatever takes your fancy.  Collect, trim, and ship Boxtops for processing.  Bask in the glory of helping the school earn some needed money!

Labels for Education Coordinator:
Promote and manage Labels for Education program for ATA and Family School - run contests, give prizes, whatever takes your fancy.  Collect, trim, and ship Labels for processing - if you follow the program, there are many bonus programs to boost our earnings.  Use the points you earn to purchase playground or other needed supplies for the schools from the Labels for Education catalog.  

[While we're on the subject of fundraising coordinators, check out our Fundraising page - all of these programs have been managed by one person for the last few years, and all of them would be more lucrative with a new dose of energy.  So if any of them catch your eye, just let us know and we'll set you up with all the information and support you need!]

Wednesday Popcorn poppers and sellers:
Our two regular popcorn poppers are both wrapping up their time here with only 8th graders left at ATA/Family School.  We're hoping to get some new families trained and ready to keep this, our most popular fundraiser, going into the future.  Once a week commitment (or less if we do a rotation).  Popping is from 9:30-11am, Sales are about 20 minutes each, at every release time - 11:15am, 12:45pm, and 3:20pm.  The kids love the popcorn!