to the Arts and Technology Academy's Parent Action Committee (WolfPAC or PAC) website. The information here is to help you understand the purpose of the WolfPAC, the schedules of the PAC and ways to participate within the PAC. We hope to see you at one of our meetings soon! (Usually the 4th Tuesday of the month, but click here or check on our Facebook page to confirm when the next meeting is.)  And you are always welcome to email us at ATAWolfPAC@gmail.com

What does the WolfPAC do?
Our mission states that the ATA WolfPAC is a parent-teacher organization committed to enriching the school community by:
  • Striving to improve the learning environment. 
  • Facilitating communication within the Arts and Technology Academy.  
  • Working with ATA staff in supporting families and building community.
But what does the WolfPAC actually DO?
We meet at least once a month. Meetings include parents, staff, and teachers. We coordinate various community-building and fundraising activities, and decide how to distribute funds earned. We volunteer throughout the building and on the playground. We help organize and participate in events that promote our school, such as activity night, school performances, and ATA open house tours. Don't have time to help out at school? Click here for a listing of our ongoing 'easy' fundraisers - all you do is shop, clip, or recycle.  
Who is in the WolfPAC?
ALL Arts and Technology parents and guardians are already members of the WolfPAC!  We invite you to come to the meetings because that is where your opinions and voice will be heard.  Some parents choose to volunteer regularly, some run fundraisers, some support the school financially, and some give tireless moral support. Regardless of how you participate, your involvement in the school helps make it a better experience for all our kids!  
How do I get involved?
Give us your name and email. We’ll send you ATAWolfPAC reminders for meeting dates and times, email you meeting agendas and minutes, and keep you in the loop on many other ways you can get involved with your students' school experience. We are also now on Facebook! Join us at ATA Community!

Thanks for visiting our website.  We look forward to working with you!
The ATAWolfPAC Team: Julie Henning (Chairperson), Jennifer Sheffler (Treasurer), Margaret Alexander (Secretary) Vacant Position (Co-Chair)

* For more information about Arts and Technology Academy, please visit the ATA Main Website.

contact us: ATAWolfPAC@gmail.com