I decided to start a little website once again (the old one was really annoying me). More interesting stuff will appear here in the future.

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  • #002 Python Many companies and organisations such as Mozilla, Google, Dropbox, Pinterest or YouTube use Python to develop their products. That's enough to me to get interested, so I started learning ...
    Posted 6 Aug 2017, 11:18 by Avo
  • #001 Changing environment Through years, I have always been using Windows as my main operating system to work with and I have never used linux much (ratherĀ occasionally; when I had to). But ...
    Posted 21 Jul 2017, 13:27 by Avo
  • #000 Fresh start This post is some kind of "Hello, World!". I decided to close the previous site and open a new one. I hope it will be full of interesting stuff in ...
    Posted 30 Jun 2017, 15:41 by Avo
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