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The composer and musician Ari Taskinen (born 1959) has been working almost three decades within finnish rock, electro-acoustic and multi-genré music. 
During the "wild years" of finnish punk/new wave (1978-83) he played with the band Problems and with Pelle Miljoona
latter became one of the most successfull bands in Finland. Band made six albums, of which Moottoritie on kuuma sold gold (released by Johanna Records). 
The Finnish Broadcasting Company (YLE) awarded Moottoritie on kuuma the title best popular music recording of the year in 1980. 

In 1981 Taskinen composed his first solo album 
Threshold Paradise Now , which contais electronic and progressive music. The English magazine 
New Musical Express published a favourable rewiew of the record. His actual career among electro-acoustic music began when he joined 
the Finnish Broadcasting Company´s Experimental Studio in 1984. His first work based on early sampling technique was Underground Mess 
In 1985. Underground Mess was performed in France at the Bourgess Festival of Electronic Music. A review of performance in the
 Computer Music Journal (1/86) praised the fresh approach toward human voice processing technique displayed in the work. In 1984
 Ari Taskinen joined the well-known performance group Jack Helen Brut. Among other works he composed the music to JHB:s 
performance Illlumination, which was performed at various European Festival, such as the Gulbenkian Museum in Lissabon, 
Festival de Otoño de Madrid -85 and Reykjavik Festival 1984. Jack Helen Brut was awarded The State Prize of the Fine Arts by the Finnish Goverment. 

In the -80´s Ari Taskinen performed with 
the Transistors group. The band´s "dada-cabaret" show toured in Germany, Austria, Hungary, Belgium 
and the Scandinavian countries. During the 1990´s Ari Taskinen´s compositions have been strongly influenced by extensive travels 
(Africa, Middle & South-East Asia) and study sounds in nature. These travels have resulted tape-music works African Procession (1997),
Orangutan (1998), Laava (2002), Conchshell (2005) and sound-installation work of Islam world Bismillah. LampLite Ltd released Ari Taskinen´s
collected electro-acoustic works on CD Aavamaa, 2006.