Welcome all who are of good intent!

We are modern pagans trying to practice an old religion in the New World.  As we have followed our individual and shared paths, we have come to the realization that, for us, the old ways and old ideas would serve better with a little tweaking in order to suit our lives and location.  Now, for some, this action is bordering on sacrilige, but it is our feeling that the Earth based religions were never intended to travel across continents and through time unchanged.  By their very nature, we believe, Earth based religions should be tailor made for the people and locations where they are being celebrated.  
Now, I'm not saying that if you are a member of an OBOD grove in Lousiana, and you follow the canon of the order, you're doing things wrongly.  Far from it.  If your worship works for you, then go for it.  What we're saying and what we will be elaborating upon is the idea that as each one of us lives in a different place and in a different frame of mind.  Each of us can have a differing idea of the divine and a different mode of worship.  Diversity in our relationships with the devine is awesome.  In sharing our individual ideas, individual experienes, and individual spirits, we can all grow closer to the divine, growing in wisdom and joy. 
Who are "we"?  We are a man and a woman living in Atascocita, Texas.  Atascocita is a suburb of Houston, out at the far North East corner of the metroplex (for now).  She is an animist with Wiccan leanings.  He is a deist druid agnostic something or other.  We met at a Pagan's Night Out one Fourth of July in the late 1990's.  We share our home with six feline friends who really own the place.  We pay the bills, put out the food, and clean the litter boxes.  The cats also allow two small dogs to live with us, a Pomeranian and a Ter-huahua.  We also keep an organic yard that we let run a little wild.  At any time, we can go out to find at least three different kinds of lizard, a few snakes, multiple many kinds of butterflies, frogs, toads, dragonflies, catterpillars, and lovely spiders.  I want to have a home that is really a witch's home, where every good creature of the Earth is welcome.  The husband pretty much feels the same, except for the spiders.