Silver Eagle - Zimbabwe

Rhodesian Silver Eagle medal

I cannot let the opportunity go past without personally expressing to you the Province's sincere thanks for the sterling work you have done at Ruwa.
George M.James Gibson was the Camp Commissioner for Ruwa Park which he carried over during the most difficult time in Zimbabwe history,that he never let the situation deter his dutis in an exemplary manner.
Ruwa Park today is a fine testament in Zimbabwe and will try to maintain the standards for both in camping and caring for the park.

George Matthew James Gibson
George Matthew James Gibson has been involved in Scouting in Zimbabwe as a leader since 1964, having held Warrants in different capacities in nineteen years.
George has excelled himself as a specialist in adult training and in 1976 was awarded the Medal of Merit.
For his continued devotion and dedication to the movement the Chief Scout has awarded him the Silver Eagle.
Chief Scout of Zimbabwe