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I have researched on this subject for a long times and I love this hobby as a pass time. Research is an interesting way of learning. The process is slow and take times; this information comes in at different time and from different people. New information will sometimes overwrite the old information in term of accuracy, while some images are better taken and clearer then previous. Research is also known as "Force learning", studying and focusing to one main subject, and get in to learn the background in detail. This is interesting and this is really something that i like.

The method I use for finding information are as following:
1) Learn the name in its native language and search thru internet
2) Approach scout of the country to get some basic information and.
    research the background to close gap and differences.
3) Learn the history of the scout organization and mascot of the
    country to work out clue and answer.

I would always need new information and clear picture of the award, so if you have something you could share, here is the email address that you can write to or post to: