Super Archiver


The first 1050 Super Archiver upgrade I got was 17 years ago, back then i visited family & friends in the US and i was able to mail a check to B&C and order this unique upgrade.

The Super Archiver was the most powerful copying & disk editing tool i read about, it enabled me to back up all my protected disks and make a copy which would run on a normal 1050 disk drive. This Super Archiver upgrade unlike the '1050 Happy' upgrade does not do track buffering but like the US Doubler it support ultra speed track skewing.

The Super Archiver software allows you edit each sector and to modify it on the track, it also allow you to create: Bad, Fussy, Phantom and Duplicated sectors (two sectors with same id) on the track and more...

Below is a screen picture of the Super Archiver software that shows a list of the track sectors

The Super Archiver 1 is a hardware upgrade that replaces U10 inside the 1050 disk drive and a Disk with tools that support Single & Double sided density disk while the Super Archiver 2 is a Disk with additional software that also added the support for Enhanced density disks.

Below is a reverse engineering work i made on the Super Archiver upgrade to reveal how its built. as you can see the upgrade consist of replacing the drive ROM and adding RAM chip.

 The Super Archiver upgrade would copy any of my protected disks, except for the Super Archiver disks them self. on the Super Archiver disks is a track that requires more buffer then the upgrade had (i wonder how this track was created!? probably on a PC?)

Here is a link to a ZIP file that contains the Super Archiver ROM, utility disks & instellation


Few years later i bought the Bit-Writer upgrade which is an addition to the Super Archiver modification, hoping it would allow me to copy those Electronic Arts disks with long full sector tracks (34 sectors per track) that i could not copy before. as you can see from the image below it was fairly massive PCB addition to the 1050 disk drive.

The way that this upgrade would work is that it doesn't write sectors, it writes a complete track of BIT'S so it shouldn't have a "logic" or timing problem.

Here you can download the Bit-Writer installation guide & utility: