Atari Home page of Nir Dary



I remember that at the age of 12 my parents went to the computer store to buy me a computer for my birthday present. All my neighborhood friends had a Commodore 64 computer so my parents wanted to buy me one as well.. They went to the store and came back with an ATARI 800XL with a 1010 Tape drive and couple of Cartridges. I fell in love from first sight. The first year I could stop playing Donkey Kong and Dig Dug… a year later when I was 13 they bought me a 1050 disk drive (I remember that the price of the Drive was more then the Atari computer it self).


Living far away from the center of Israel access to knowledge and information on the Atari computer was difficult to get, I remember collecting every please of programming information (even if they just where few lines in basic) analyzing them for days…


I have been collecting Atari Items and information for over 20 years in this small web section I will try to share with you the knowledge I gained.