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       Alan Taplow's

My wife, Maggie, had a stroke in the summer of 2013, and my main activity is now taking care of her.  Most other activities are on hold for the time being.  My recent holiday letter summarizes what's been going on during the past year: 

Contact Info:
Alan Taplow, 844 John Fowler Road, Plainfield VT 05667  ** 
802-454-4675 takes messages,  Cell: 802-272-2550 no messages

Retired life means working as hard as you want, when you want, for a great boss, on things you want to do instead of things someone is saying you need to do.

Since moving to Vermont  in 1998, Maggie & I have come to love a more laid-back life-style. After many years in central New Jersey, the lack of crowded highways, polluted air and heavily chlorinated water have been deprivations to which we somehow have managed to accommodate. Even the politics are cleaner, and much more to our liking.  Vermont is home of the fight against big corporate power ---

When we first visited Montpelier we noted the New England Culinary Institute with 3 restaurants in town, 5 book stores and the Savoy movie theater with foreign & experimental showings. We agreed: "What more do we need than good food, books and movies." So here we came along with our feline family.   In 2010 we adopted our first long-hair, which we were never going to have, but she was just too cute & cuddly ---  Princess SweetiePie. 

We drew a 20 mile circle around Montpelier and discovered a hillside in Marshfield (Plainfield phone & mailing address) just 10 miles from both Montpelier and Barre, with a spacious home, a beautiful view of Camel's Hump,     --   19 acres of tree-dotted meadow, an abundance of pure spring water and the nearest good neighbors a 1/4 mile away.

We used to think the Bionic Man was just a TV series, however in 2003 I had cataract surgery with new lenses implanted and in 2004 I went to Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center and got both arthritic knees replaced. They are now functioning quite well, and I'm able resume my annual brush-cutting of the fields walking behind my DR Brush Cutter without pain.

I still have an interest in bereavement work, and my bereavement manual  has been quite well received.  I've gotten scores of letters and e-mails from many folks around the world who have started groups based upon these outlines. 

For several years I'd been doing administrative work 
for The Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP).  I managed their distribution service from 1999 thru 2007, and then their national facilitator data base with over 3000 entries and the subscription list, printing and distribution of their Quarterly Newsletter (The Transformer) until 2011. I retired from these activities in April, 2011.   I no longer facilitate AVP workshops, which I did in both prisons and the community for many years. 

Among other past activities: 
Was a member of the Vermont Department of Corrections Citizen's Advisory Board, which addresses public concerns with the operation of the Vermont prisons.  

Am a member of the steering committee and treasurer for Vermont Action for Peace.

For several years until 2011, I've  filled many administrative roles for Central Vermont Osher Lifelong Learning, and videotaped their weekly presentations.  I now have over 150 presentations in their lending library.  

Was the initial convener of a countywide steering committee which, in 2003, succeeded in establishing a Community Justice Center in both Montpelier and Barre. There are a growing number of Community Restorative Justice Centers 
now operating in Vermont

An attender of the Plainfield Friends Meeting -- until Maggie's stroke I edited & distributed their monthly newsletter.  Still am the webmaster of their web page but at this time am unable to attend on a weekly basis.   

Served for 9 years as a member of the Board of Directors of the Old Schoolhouse Common - the Marshfield municipal office building.

Previously a director of the Onion River Exchange, a local time bank.

Am scanning lots of old photos  & documents for the Marshfield Historical Society

I'm in the process of retiring from many other activities, following my retirement motto:   If it ain't fun, don't do it.