SHCP Library Manual

Understand library processes and staff responsibilities and how they are communicated in the staff manual.

Project/Task Description: 
-  Revise and update SHCP's library manual, which includes process descriptions, curriculum guidelines, library objectives, and staff duties and responsibilities.

Evidence/Criteria for Evaluation: 
-  Produce an updated library and staff manual.
-  Compare the old manual to the new manual.  Judge for currency, organization, and fluency

    The library manual is of utmost importance to the staff at the Herbst Library and Information Center.  It serves as a reference to our collection, our policies, our procedures, and stores all the information that explains why the library is managed the way it is.  It holds the library's mission statement, as well as information about school departments, teacher's whereabouts, and our sets of inventory.  
    The old manual was disorganized and the information found in it was not current.  Some information in the manual was no longer relevant.  The new manual has a table of contents, the information found within it is organized and logically grouped with like information.  It is now much easier to locate what is being sought and will continue to be a work in progress as the next school year arrives.

    To protect the privacy of the library staff manual the file will not be available here, but I have included a screenshot of some of it and provided the table of contents for review.