Cataloging & Processing

Demonstrate skills in cataloging and materials processing.

Project/Task Description: 
-  Process incoming library materials, including donations and purchased books, periodicals, and AV material.
-  Study MARC bibliographic format, search for and transfer existing MARC records into school catalog for new material and add subject headings to existing records.

Evidence/Criteria for Evaluation: 
-  Produce a flowchart of cataloging process and evidence of cataloging project.
-  Create an updated processing procedure map and useful tips to include in staff manual for training purposes.
Cutter Numbers!
Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe
The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald
Macbeth by William Shakespeare
The titles above are books that belong to class sets.  "Class sets" are collections of books of the same title that we reserve for specific classes.  These three titles are reserved for the English department, so their spine labels follow suit.  The first line is the department subject, the second line is an abbreviation of the author's name and the number of the copy that it is.  Two of the copies were actually missing but thankfully some students let the library have their copy so there was no need to purchase new ones.  We used the same card and gave it a new card pocket and spine label.  There was no need to give it a new barcode or to input it into the online catalog because we don't assign barcodes to class sets.
These are books that we added to the general collection.  The librarian assigned them call numbers and we 1) property stamped the book, 2) wrote it's accession number and barcode on the title page of the book, 3) gave the book a catalog card and date due pocket that gives it's accession number, it's call number, and the title and author of the books.  We recieved Hamlet  and Rosencratz & Guildenstern Are Dead from Baker & Taylor.
This is a book we have on standing order.  We assigned this book the same call number as our past issues and added it's record to the existing shelf list card.  We modified the existing catalog entry to add the 2011 edition of this title.  

These are both books that were donated to the SHCP Library by members of the staff.  We process these like we do other books but also are sure to include donor plates.