Our Wedding     our honeymoon

We were married July 27, 2007 and bought a home a month later. In our vows we should have included for better or worse and construction. We began remodeling our house the month after we moved in and it has been an experience but we are learning as we go.

Everyday I can't believe this is my life but I love every minute.


Our Home

  Our home is a 120 year old original farm house in Chicago. When we saw it we instantly fell in love with its charm           

  Livingroom Before


Livingroom After


 I had a difficult time picking a color so I took two Benjamin Moore colors, mixed them together and this is what we ended up with.

The TV consol is also an electric fireplace. It gets very cold in here. This is my spring/summer decor. I love the ocean so I went with a beach theme. 



This is in the entry way and the front stairs
Diningroom Before


Diningroom After





The Office

 We needed a place to keep all the baby pictures people send us so I made a cork board we also added a calendar to keep track of our schedules and boxes for extra storage.  

Kitchen Before

This was our very dated kitchen with a very scary half bath


Kitchen After- My Pride and Joy

We started by removing the large half bath and moving the wall over 3ft to add to the kitchen. From the floor up

*18x 18 faux ravertine tiles in mocha    * Cherry Timberlake cabinets in Borduex   * Granite Giallo Ornimental 

*  SS applianced Kitchen Aide   * Light fixtures from Home Depot  * Stools


 I love watching my shows while cooking

Half Bath After


Bedroom Before

Bedroom After

We used a chocolate brown on the back wall and Behr antique brown on the other walls

This is our cat Layla's favorite spot

 I love my vanity it makes me feel so girly

 This is my closet it needs organization but seeing the floor is good for me.

Upstairs Bath Before


 Upstairs Bath After








My movie room / Hubby's Man Cave

This is a spare bedroom for now and will be babies playroom when he gets older