Working ES 

Our goal is to produce a great overall farm hand !

English Shepherds "know"  when they are needed to work.   If there isn't a job to do, they are quite content to relax and wait for a job.  When they are needed, they are eager and willing to do whatever it takes!

Newly pregnant Yuna watching a few new moms & the rest of the very pregnant Jacob ewes head to the feeder.

She was very respectful and kept her distance.



Some sheep respect the dog and make the job easy; some need a little more persuasion!  Left photo our Shetland ram Mason checking out Bubba.  Right photo Bubba teaching yearling ram Reaper to stay his distance.


--> Yuna as a pup moving some lambs.  Even at that early age she could make them move! 

 <--Bubba at 1.5 years moving a couple ewe lambs.



Bubba taking the role of guardian seriously!

 A very pregnant Yuna stayed as close as she could.


English Shepherd pups have the nuturing instinct at an early age.  Here are two of Yuna & Bubba's 3 week old pups cleaning up a week old bottle lamb. She's not a very neat drinker!