Week 6 Pupdate 

Pups are learning new skills daily! 

Deposits are being taken now for the pups.  They will be ready for their new homes in just a few short weeks! 


Hefe is the first one out of the house and loves to explore (sold) 

  India is going to herd goats in Indiana (sold)

Guinness is Mr Laid Back but observes everything!  (sold) 

Honey is very attentive and would do well anywhere  (staying)

 Amber is going to live on a beef farm in Wisconsin (sold)

 Porter "The Inquisitive" would be great on a farm (sold)


As the weather gets nicer, we've been able to take the puppies outside for more stimulation.  They love it!   The pups have no fear or apprehension about the livestock.   A couple of the boys even tried to herd the mature ewes!  Pups show a lot of promise and enthusiasm.   All pups are outgoing, personable, and very active.

 Porter and Amber herding the lambs

Hefe and Porter herding

Group herd

 Pups getting to know our Shetland Trinket

Pups enjoying the fresh air

Yuna and pups