Previous litters  

Updates on the pups at as they approach their second birthday. 

2007 Yuna x Bubba litter


Porter lives in Illinois on a small homestead and helps with sheep and poultry.   Here's what his family has to say about him:  "Porter is doing well. His goose herding is really respectable. Sometimes it's perfect, and sometimes I wonder what he's thinking, but overall I'm happy with his progress. The geese are so smart that they have made it easy on him. If they hear me say, "Go get the geese!" they start running and flying back towards the pond, so sometimes he doesn't have to do much.

His sheep herding is okay. He only listens to about half of what I say when he's with the sheep. The hardest part is calling him off. Rather than bringing us the sheep, he just puts them where he thinks they need to be. That has been a help in a weird way. When the shearer came this year, rather than herding them to the barn, he cornered them in the pasture, so we just picked up each individual sheep or put a halter on those that are halter trained and walked them to the barn. We did the same thing when we wanted to move them to a new pasture. So, it took us half an hour to do all that. Pre-dog, it would take us two or three hours to get the sheep into the barn for the shearer, so I just have to remind the humans around here that he is saving us a lot of time, even though he's not doing things exactly the way we want him to."

 Hefe now "Topper"

Topper is living in northern Minnesota on a dairy farm.  Topper had some adjustment problems at his first home, but now lives just a few miles away with a family friend.  He helps bring the cows in twice a day and is doing well.

 Guinness now "Barney"

Lives in Virginia on a small farm with sheep.

Amber: lives in Wisconsin with Molly and helps with beef cows


 India  now "Indie" : lives in Indiana on a boer goat farm


Goochland's Honey Weiss