Lambs Choice Total

Natural colostrum for newborn lambs
Counter the triple threat to newborn lambs at birth - Today!
            1. Hypothermia & Starvation
            2. Lack of Immunity
            3. Exposure to diseases spread through infected colostrum 
Lamb's Choice TotalTM
Colostrum for Newborn Lambs
The perfect feed supplement for newborn lambs made from natural bovine colostrum
  • LCT provides high energy in an easy to digest form.  Contains at least 23% natural colostral fat
  • LCT is immunity rich.  Delivers >4.4g of globulin proteins per kg body weight per feeding
  • LCT is SAFE!  Free of OPP, Johne's, Coxiella (Q-fvr) and other diseases
Packaged in a convenient 25oz (700g) tub
Each package contains roughly 20 doses of colostrum; enough for 6-7 lambs.
We recommend that lambs get 3 LCT feedings within the first 18 hours to maximize the benefits
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Lambs that don't get adequate colostrum fail to thrive and are poor gainers.  In the perfect world, all lambs get adequate colostrum from the ewes.  But that can change quickly.  Are you prepared for twins or triplets?  Or the ewe that just can't count past "1"?  Extreme cold temps that stress the lambs ability to stay warm?  Or the orphaned lambs?  There's a reason why orphan lambs are called "bummer" lambs!
Give your lambs the best chance for survival they can have! 
**Product no longer available** 
Please check into Land O Lakes Colostrum Replacer for lambs and kids

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