Goochland's Honey Weiss

Honey is a very special pup that is becoming a great farm dog!    



I'm a happy girl!

 Just hanging out with Dad!

Herding as a group -
 that's Honey in the center.


That little dark face is so hard to photograph!

Female;  DOB: 3/19/07;  Black & Tan with minor white

UKC: P596-951  MDR1:  pedigree negative

Honey is maturing into a very loyal worker. She is very herdy- loves to help and understands basic directions. She is very biddable, determined, loves to please, and is very smart and agile. At times, she does have her own opinion about what we should be doing and how to do it! This is the pup that can climb gates, round bales, stands on the roof of her dog house, jumps 48" fences with ease, etc. I have taken her out with me at every opportunity and she has demonstrated that she is able to move livestock well. She willing goes over paddock fences and obstacles to get the job done. I've watched her figure out how to go through a metal gate to get into a paddock with me. She does not give up easily! She loves to ride the ATV with us! She is definitely a "sturdy" and compact type of dog, not nearly as lean and leggy as Bubba.

Honey & Bubba

At five months old, she has helped move some of my mature Shetland
ewes and their lambs that escaped from the temporary fenced area back
into their paddock. In the first instance, Honey followed me around
the outside of the paddock until we got to the edge of the fenced
area, then as I headed down the hill toward the temporary fencing,
without being asked, she headed straight out 90 degrees from me
toward the ewes. Once she got to them, she started barking and
jumping at them until they moved. Of course, they saw me back at the
fence and came directly to me. Honey kept barking and followed them
until they came up to me; she stopped about 25' away, sat down and
waited. Once I had the ewes back in the fenced area, she happily
came over to me.

Recently one morning, the same thing happened. We had a power outage
during the night that flipped the breaker, and I swear the sheep can sense
that the fence is dead. Honey helped move the sheep back in- even
cornering my most stubborn Shetland and her ewe lamb. Honey refused
to give up until the ewe turned into the fenced area.

We decided to keep Honey with us! She is such a good farm dog, loves to help out, and is my ATV riding buddy! She has demonstrated just how able she is for our farm. She was the pup that had the first inquiries, but
circumstances just haven't been right, so she's still here. She's a
very bright dog who would have done well in just about any situation. We'll continue to work with her!

Honey's Pedigree

Honey bringing in the sheep

June 2008 brought extensive flooding to Wisconsin. The ground was saturated and the sheep were able to push over some of the fencing. The ewes split into 2 groups on this escape, making it a challenge to round them up easily. Unfortunately we lost a couple animals due to the flooding & storms, but overall our flocks were okay .