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  Female;  DOB: 4/22/06;  B & T with minor white

UKC: P492-398        ESCR: ESC-226

MDR1 normal/normal

Yuna is very gentle with the sheep and yet this girl is our #1 mouse hunter!

Sad news to report at Goochland's Asylum Farm- we lost Yuna on Friday night (12/14/07) after she wandered up on the road.  We'd had a difficult time breaking her of going up the driveway, partially because my mother-in-law used to walk up the driveway and take the puppy with her.  We tried to break that habit but didn't succeed.  And unfortunately, a small black/tan dog on a dark road in the wintertime twilight just isn't very visible.

Yuna was an avid mouser and rabbit hunter- better than the cats or my "hunting" dogs are.  When she had her litter of pups by Bubba  this spring, she found all the rabbit nests on the property and had to bring back bunnies for the puppies. She would alert me to when the mice were in the sheep feed and wait patiently until I opened the bin so she could "dispatch them with heavenly force".  Yuna was my snuggle buddy- always a lap dog and she thought it was her right to be there (just ask the other dogs).  She always had a smile on her face- literally and figuratively.  Every picture I have of her it looks like she is smiling!  She was my best watch & alert dog; the smallest dog with the biggest bark.   She loved comforting people and animals; she would make sure that my MIL (who has Alzheimer's) would stay alert by nudging her and had to go by her to calm her if she started getting agitated.  She loved being with the lambs.  She liked being out by the sheep and taught the pups how to approach without startling the sheep.

She was a great mom to her pups- gentle yet correcting.  She made sure that they knew who was boss, but she loved to play with them too!  She did a great job socializing them before they left.  A stroke of dumb luck, but we kept Honey from that spring litter, and the two of them became best buddies.  I loved watching them romp and play.  They both loved the snow and this winter has been a blast.  I know that Honey misses her already; on Saturday I found Honey had placed a couple of farm shoes, some chew toys, and a couple of their favorite plastic bottles in Yuna's bed.

Yuna will definitely be missed.  I was just in the process of evaluating her for AWFA registration; at least I know that she did possess those qualities and hopefully has passed them on to her children.


Breeder: Amy Dorsch

Good Shepherd's

White Oak Sawyer


Shepherd's Rex Blaze


G. Jorabo
Sire: Sallee's Sambo
Dam: Sallee's Mindy Lou
Boles' Queen
Sire: Hamilton's Gus
Dam: Hamilton's Queen

Wingler's Becca


'PR' Stable's Kaptain
Sire: 'PR' Stable's Sampson
Dam: 'PR' Stable's Delilha
Piper's Tuxedo
Sire: Piper's Commander
Dam: Piper's Bobble

Good Shepherd's Hallelujah (Holly)


King's Gunner
Johnson's Duke
Sire: Anderson's Max
Anderson's Sophie II
Beebe's Lucy
Sire: Johnson's Duke
Beebe's Pepper Mitzi
Rust's C.C.
Beebe's Kansas MJ
Sire: Warren's Oklahoma (Anderson's) King
Dam: Cummin's Dixie
Beebe's Abbey
Sire: Johnson's Duke
Dam: Beebe's Beauty

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