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the aswespeakproject creates mixed media performance and installation work using the stage space as a temporal and spatial representation of the human brain. Contemporary society’s dominance by electronic media and consumption and the intersection of science and performance art practice are key areas of research of the project.

since 2009 xristina penna and the aswespeakproject has presented work in various venues: el museo cultural de santa fe, new mexico, usa | the bluecoat, liverpool | benaki museum of modern art athens, greece | shunt vaults, london | byzantine museum, athens, greece | area 10, london | antenna studios, london | 58, shelmerdine close, london | soho theatre, london | theatreschool, amsterdam, the netherlands | the Roundhouse, camden, london | blankspace gallery, manchester |

                                 aswespeakproject | a blink of an eye | 

by xristina penna with associate artist julieta kilgelmann
                                            image by anastasia anapolytanou