as we speak...

the aswespeakproject generates hybrid, collaborative, performance environments in which audience space and performance space disappear. contemporary society’s dominance by social media and consumption and the intersection of science and performance art practice are key references of the project.

since 2009 xristina penna+aswespeakproject has presented work in various venues internationally: el museo cultural de santa fe, new mexico, usa | the bluecoat, liverpool | benaki museum athens, greece | shunt vaults, london | byzantine museum, athens, greece | area 10, london | antenna studios, london | 58, shelmerdine close, london | soho theatre, london | theatreschool, amsterdam, the netherlands | the roundhouse- camden, london | emergency festival, manchester |  live art bistro, leeds | stage@leeds |

image from the installation Attempts on Margarita (multiple drafts)
stage@leeds, 26th Feb 2015


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