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Edition I Vol 1

A poem for everyone

I look in the mirror,

And what do I see?

I see an image of someone like me.

Could it be my face or maybe the hair?

I know it is my great-great-grandma Claire.

By Rebecca Pikonganna
Grade 6 James Isabell School
Teller, Alaska; Bering Strait School District

The River Kuskokwim

Don’t worry, don’t cry, if you like

I could take you back to Alaska,

                    Where the land is green,

And you come out clean after a steam in the summer time.

The place where even children have big dreams,

A place where the ice has a great silver sheen present during a full moon,

                    On the River Kuskokwim.

          But times are changing,

Now, it is snowy white and so bright or blinding sometimes,

You cannot see the village lights from afar,

So that you don’t know where you are.

          That’s how life is,

                    On the River Kuskokwim.

By Steven Andrew
Grade 10 William Miller Memorial School
Napakiak, Alaska; Lower Kuskokwim School District