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Polar Power

Welcome to Polar Power, a place where Alaskan students can publish fiction, non-fiction, reflections, research, digital stories, podcasts, and poetry. We invite you to participate in this exciting new adventure for students living in Alaska!

The Alaska International Polar Year (IPY) team created this online ezine to capture your writing and share it with others internationally.

Each entry must be accompanied by an official entry form (PDF file) and must address at least one of the six IPY themes listed below. See also the General Rules for submissions.

IPY Themes

  • Change: Climate, development, culture. It’s about transforming challenges into opportunities. It’s about ensuring a bright tomorrow for the next generation…quantifying the Arctic’s past and present, predicting its future. How have you explored the concept of change in your community, school, or region?
  • Connections: Alaska is influenced by actions and activities from beyond its borders-our weather, ocean currents, telecommunications, politics. How does what happen in the polar regions resonates across the planet linking Alaska, the Arctic, Antarctica, and the rest of the world?
  • Discovery: If you currently live in a polar region, what are your concerns? What are you and your friends doing in relation to those concerns?
  • Observation: Have you compared any old photographs or maps with new ones? What differences did you note? What might explain those differences?
  • People: Have you interviewed any elders in your community to find out what the environment was like when they were your age?
  • Research: What kinds of classroom research have your or your teachers been conducting? What other kinds of research would be helpful in studying our planet and its climate, development, and culture?

All entries must be original, unassisted student work. In order to recognize IPY Writers on the Polar Power ezine, it is required that parents sign their name on the entry form.

Link to Polar Power Edition 1, Volume 1