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Edition I Vol 1; Diversity

Clawson, 2007: Diversity Archive

I am proud to share these personal narratives. These stories confirm our universal desire to “tell a story”. They exist for entertainment, as a way to find meaning in our lives, and as a channel to connect us to each other and the world. By sharing our personal stories, we discover commonalities that bring us together and promote understanding and acceptance.

Kathy Clawson

Farrell 2007; Diversity Archive

These ten poems and podcasts were created by students in Creative Writing and English 11 at Eagle River High School during a recent poetry unit. The original poems we studied were “On Turning Ten” by Billy Collins and “Where I’m From” by GeorgeElla Lyon. The students wrote "shadow poems" in which they either modeled their own poems on the form of the original pieces or they used the general idea as inspiration. Shadow poems have been an excellent medium for all students to access poetry. Included here are samples of ten amazing pieces, full of authentic student voice. Enjoy!

Sonnet Farrell

Porter 2007; Diversity Archive

Richards 2007: Diversity Archive