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Northern Lit eZine

Hello and welcome to Northern Lit, the eZine developed and managed by the Alaska State Writing Consortium. Northern Lit is the next step in publishing Alaskan students’ and teachers’ voices by the Alaska State Writing Consortium and the National Writing Project.

Volume 1, Edition One: Diversity

Volume I showcases works of teacher leaders of our ASWC Lead Technology Initiative. In addition, we’ve included exemplars written by students of our Lead Technology teacher leaders. We hope to reinforce and model best writing practice: excellent teachers of writing also are writers.

The paramount question we want our readers to ponder: How do we not only encourage and celebrate diversity but also allow this abstraction to serve as catalyst for positive transformation in the world? What kind of public and electronic spaces do we need to create that can serve as prime incubation hubs for this transformative thinking to begin to take shape and ultimately begin movement?

In The Open Space of Democracy Terry Tempest Williams harkens that “the open space of democracy provides justice for all living things…it is a landscape that encourages diversity and discourages conformity.”

Link to Volume 1, Edition One

Volume 1, Edition Two

Link to Volume 1, Edition Two