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ASWC Fall OPEN Online Writing Institute-2011


ASWC Fall OPEN Online Writing Institute 2011, ED 570
• September 26, 2011 – December 16, 2011
• 3 Credits - $225 (for participants from ASWC member districts - $300 for non-member districts- see website for member districts)

*See PRE-Registration Form Below

Instructor Information:
    Kristin Hathhorn, ASWC Teacher Consultant
    Online Office Hours: Thursdays - 4:00-5:00 PM and by appointment
    Email: khathhorn@gmail.com

Course Description:
The ASWC Fall Open Institute will require teachers to examine their role as teacher and writer while exploring effective writing instruction strategies designed to engage student writers, especially the reluctant.  Participants will build a framework for implementing change and planning new strategies for teaching writing within their classrooms.  Teachers will read and discuss the course texts, current articles, and examine instructional methods and management techniques shown to improve students’ writing performances.  An emphasis will be placed on the effective use of technology and techniques for responding to student writing. Course delivery will utilize a combination of audio-conference, web-based posting of documents/research/data, e-Live, and online discussion.

Intended Audience:    K-12 Teachers

Required Texts:
    Best Practices in Writing Instruction
    Edited by Steve Graham, Charles A. MacArthur, and Jill Fitzgerald
    The Guilford Press: New York, 2007

    The Revision Toolbox: Teaching Techniques that Work
    By Georgia Heard
    Heinemann: New Hampshire, 2002

Optional Text:
    The Digital Writing Workshop
    By Troy Hicks
    Heinemann: New Hampshire, 2009

Enrollment Restrictions: 20 Participants Maximum

Course Prerequisite/Co-requisites: None

Course Participation:
All work must be completed on the class site and posted in a timely manner.   Course schedule and deadlines must be followed as participants will form collaborative learning teams to discuss best practices in writing instruction from research to practice.  In addition to the required course texts, professional articles posted online will be required reading and provide a focus for discussions.  A major focus will be the role writing instruction plays in professional development and student learning.

Connection to ASWC and National Writing Project:
Throughout the course, we will take on several roles that are integral to teaching writing according to the National Writing Project:

Teacher as Writer – In order to teach writing, we too, must write.

Teacher as Researcher – Through examining current research and studying our own classroom practice, we can build effective writing instruction.

Teacher as Facilitator – We must consider how we talk about writing and facilitate conversations about writing instruction with students, parents, other teachers, support staff and administrators.  We must also facilitate the use of technology to enhance and expand writing literacy.

Teacher as Leader – We must share our understanding of writing with our professional communities.

See pre-registration form below:


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