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               10-14th June 2015  

           University of Groningen
    Groningen Institute of Archaeology, 
    Poststraat 6, NL-9712 ER Groningen, 



Archaeozoology of Southwest Asia and Adjacent Areas (ASWA[AA]) is a working group of the International Council for Archaeozoology (ICAZ).  Since 1990 ASWA is devoted to the promotion of archaeozoology in Southwest Asia in general and in the Middle East in particular. With this aim in mind, an international conference is organised every two years either in Europe or in Southwest Asia since 1992.The first meeting of the ASWA working group took place at the Groningen University. Now, 23 years later, the international ASWA meeting is coming back to Groningen. The meeting will last for three-four days including registration and excursion.

ASWA meetings serve as one of the most inspiring medium for archaeozoological research in the Eastern Mediterranean, Southwest Asia, North Africa, Central Asia and the Caucasus ever since. Major topics discussed at the meetings include –but are not limited to- Old World domestication, early state formations, resilience of urban landscapes, former biogeographies, group identities, ritualism, and many other key topics pertaining to the ancient Near East and beyond. Animal Palaeogenetics, biometry, osteomorphology and isotopes in zooarchaeology are only some of the recurring methodological topics discussed in ASWA meetings. Papers read in ASWA meetings (see the contents of the latest ASWA proceedings) are a fine blend of seminal works that influence archaeozoological methods and theory globally and brand-new ideas from young, outstanding scientists. 

The organization committee aims at carrying on the spirit of the ASWA by bringing together young researchers and experienced scholars in order to further research dynamics and achieve the highest scientific standards. The conference is open to all topics related to the relationship between humans and animals in ancient societies in Southwest Asia and adjacent areas. Presentations concerning works in progress as well as broader syntheses are welcome.

Scientific Committee

 Prof. László Bartosiewicz
ICAZ president (2006-2013)
Department of Archaeometry, 
Institute of Archaeological Sciences, 
 Dr. Hijlke Buitenhuis
Senior scientist, zooarchaeology, 
 University of Groningen
 Dr. Sarah Whitcher Kansa
ICAZ Vice president (since 2014) 
Executive Director 
The Alexandria Archive Institute 

Dr. Marjan Mashkour (WorkingGroup Liaison), 
Centre national de Recherche Scientifique 

Organizing Committee

Assistant professor
 University of Groningen
UMR 7209 “Archéozoologie, Archéobotanique: 
sociétés, pratiques et environnements” 
CNRS/Muséum national d'Histoire naturelle, Paris, France.
Archéorient/ CNRS, UMR 5133, Lyon
Université Lumière Lyon II
Natural History Museum,