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I finally bit the bullet and decided that I would upgrade from my EEEpc 1000he I have had for 2 years, and after reading up on some of the newer models out there this one seemed like a natural fit, so my review will be based on coming from using that wonderful "old gal".

Un-boxing my 1015px two things struck me; there is no OEM disk this time (it's learning!), and what is this funky looking cord? After a couple days of use I actually readily enjoy this new power cord compared to the old ones (and their horrible failure rate), it sticks out - of the opposite side, mind you - only half as far as the old one, and having the brick and plugs being one in the same means that when I'm up and about carrying my netbook I'm not dragging the brick all over the floor like a leashed miniature chihuahua. Awesome.

The unit itself is in the "Seashell Series" family this time 'round which makes it thinner and noticeably lighter than my 1000he, even carried with the new power cord, and it is mostly finished in a matte coating that is going to work out way better than the glossy one grease-wise. The keyboard is 99% the same, the extra buttons at top are missing (which is fine by me as I wasn't aware they did anything anyway...), and the power button is a lot more sturdy and well seated than the last one.

This brings me to my only two physical misgivings about the 1015px. The first being the mouse button bar that is fairly wobbly (I plan to add a couple of bits of air filter material at either end when I get under the hood. Hopefully that'll fix that, but why am I solving your mistakes for you Asus?). The second problem is that on the bottom of this machine, instead of the one-stop hard drive/RAM access panel, there is only clear access to the RAM. Sigh.

The software package for the 1015px is comparable to anything else out there, in some ways more and in some less annoying than the copy of Windows XP that came (and quickly went)on my 1000he, but it is all definitely hindered by a horribly amputated version of Windows 7. Now I wont be getting into a large rant here about why Windows 7 Starter is the devil, but I am going to tell you that Windows 7 Starter is the devil. Plan to be upgrading or replacing it, and adding that cost (unless you know your way around a Linux distro) to your netbook budget. Though I will add that the new N570 processor and 3150 graphics set is running everything like a finely tuned hot-rod.

In short:
Pros: Light and seemingly well constructed matte finished body, the strange new power cord is better IMHO, so far about 2 more hrs of battery life at about 9hrs (wow), snappy and surprising operation from the N570 and GMA 3150 graphics.

Cons: A .3 megapixel webcam instead of the old 1.3 (when did this start?!), loose and rattly mouse bar, no easy hard drive access, Windows 7 Starter is a worse OEM operating system than Vista (ya, I went there).

Misc: I keep an Ubuntu 11.04 install on 16gb sd card that worked wonderfully on my 1000he, and it worked just the same on this machine.

Overall, minus the missing hard drive access, i would recommend the 1015px to anyone upgrading from an earlier EEEpc, at least I am really enjoying mine.